FISIPOL UGM currently comprises of six departments in the social and political sciences. The six departments include Department of International Relations, Departement of Politics and Government, Department of Communication Studies, Department of Sociology, Department of Public Policy and Management (MKP), and Department of Social Development and Welfare (PSdK). All these six majors are integrated, and despite being different social and political disciplines, they all have social and political relevance. By offering these differing majors, FISIPOL UGM is committed to continuously maintain close relations with various national elements in order to contribute to the development of education. FISIPOL UGM fosters a tradition of creative thinking, tolerant academic atmosphere, and a decisive stance on popular values. As of current, the six study programs have, thus, been afforded with a level A national accreditation.

The undergraduate study program offers students to study under the KRS (Kartu Rencana Studi – Course Selection Sheet) system. Students are initially required to be able to plan their period of study in accordance with their selected courses of interest. The period of study for the Undergraduate Program is dependent on the amount of credits (SKS) each student takes each semester (a maximum of 24 credits is allowed). As for graduation, students are required to have completed all the determined credit load to graduate. The application of such a system in the Undergraduate Program allows students to become more independent and provides students with the opportunity of choosing their own courses of interest.