Master Programs

As an international university, FISIPOL UGM offers an integrated graduate curriculum program. The learning duration of each program is as follows:

International Relations Science

The lecture is conducted by referring to the SKS program, for S1 with 4 years study period, for S2 is allowed to take 45 credits with 2 years study period. The lectures are conducted in the classroom with tutorials, workshops and seminars, discussions, and also outside the classroom (workshops and seminars, discussions) with several cooperation programs with various stakeholders.

Communication Science

Students must complete 39 credits of lectures + 6 credits thesis writing in 4 (four) semesters. The course activities for one course in one semester are 3 (three) credits and cover 16 (gymnastics) of meetings including test allocation. Thesis writing in the fourth semester.


S2 is held for 3 (three) semesters and 1 (one) semester taking thesis, or taking 2 semester theoretical and 2 (two) thesis semesters, with total credit of 45 SKS. While for the S3 program of learning conducted for 3 (three) years with 2 (two) semesters of theory.

Public Policy and Management

Duration of study 4 (four) semesters. The study load of 45 credits consists of 36 credits of theory and 9 credits of thesis writing. Theory is delivered through lectures in class for 3 (three) semster with 1: 15 semester scheme, 2nd semester: 15 credits, and 3rd semester: 6 credits and added 9 credits for thesis.

Political and Governmental Science

In the scope of teaching and curriculum, for participants with a master's degree (S2) a study load is 40 (forty) credits scheduled to be completed in 6 semesters. While the burden of doctoral program (S3) for non-graduate-educated (S2) students is 52 (fifty-two) credits scheduled to be completed in 6 semesters.

Social Development and Welfare

The program is designed to complete 3 (three) semesters or 18 (eighteen) months. Two semesters for deepening the realities of social issues, concepts, theories and paradigms in the field of sosail and welfare development, one semester for guidance and thesis writing. Total SKS of 45 SKS.

Master of Public Administration

Implementation of curriculum MAP FISIPOL UGM using semester system The number of courses taken during the program is 48 credits including thesis.