Undergraduate Program

Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM has been established since 19 September 1955 and became the first Faculty of Social and Political Sciences in Indonesia. The faculty is supported by experienced, skilled, passionate and dedicated faculty members with experienced academic development skills in delivering knowledge to students. It is also supporting the progress of science in FISIPOL UGM as a pioneer who keep trying to develop academic quality in Indonesia.

FISIPOL UGM up to now consists of seven courses from social science and politics. The seven courses include International Relations, Politics and Government, Communication Studies, Sociology, Public Administration (MAP), Public Management & Policy (MKP), and Social Development and Welfare (PSdK). The seven programs are integrated. Although it is a different discipline in social and political, it all has social and political relevance. Offering different majors, FISIPOL UGM is committed to continuously strives to maintain close relations with various elements of the nation so as to contribute through the development of education. FISIPOL UGM develops a tradition of creative thinking, tolerant academic atmosphere, and a decisive stance on popular values. Therefore, up to now the seven study programs have been accredited A nationally.

The undergraduate study program offers students to study with the KRS system (Study Plan Card). Students from the beginning of the study period have been required to be able to plan the study period in accordance with the choice of courses of interest. The study period of the Undergraduate Program is dependent on the amount of semester credit (SKS) it takes each semester (maximum 24 credits). As for graduation, students are required to have completed the weight of SKS. The system applied to the Undergraduate Program brings students to be more independent and provides opportunities for students to choose courses of interest.