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Announcement Written Test Result for Third Intake IUP (test date on 6th July 2019)

IUP Admission Test Result Third Intake:

3rd Intake IUP Admission Test Result Communication Science 2019

3rd Intake IUP Admission Test Result International Relations 2019

3rd Intake IUP Admission Test Result Public Policy and Management 2019

The applicants that passed the written test on 6th July 2019 are invited for an essay test and interview on 7th July 2019, start from 7 am.

Essay test will take place at 7.30 am
Interview will take place at 10 am

Please pay attention to the exam schedule and location, don’t forget to bring your ID card along with your examination card. read more

2018 Research Grants, Publications, and Community Service

Information related to the Research Grant, Publication and Community Service 2018 is accessible through the official portal of and for correspondence can contact
WA / SMS: 0853 2520 7676
(Correspondence served at work hours Monday-Friday at 08.00-16.00 WIB).


Admission Period: The International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management

IUP in PPM has every advantage students can expect for building a bright career as it offers curriculum which is locally embedded and globally connected. The courses will be delivered by distinguished professors with strong academic and professional background, able to bridge theoretical perspectives and real world necessities. It is the first program in public policy and management accredited by AUN (ASEAN University Network) at Program Level under the umbrella of ASEAN-QA. The accreditation reaffirms the quality of education, not only in Indonesia but also in ASEAN standards. read more