Sultan Agungan Calendar

Kalender Sultan Agungan

Humans always define themselves through time. Therefore, every great civilization always has its own timing count. The time is divided according to two main principles: the moon rotation and the sun’s rotation. From that count, a calendar was created.

The national calendar we use today, for example, is the Gregorian Calendar that Pope Gregory XII introduced in 1582 after correcting the Julian calendar. The calendar by the moon found its traces first found in graffiti caves in Lascaux, France which was made about 15,000 years ago. Moon count is traditionally used in most Asian countries including China, India, Japan, Korea, Thailand and others. read more

Presidential Cabinet

[Opini] Kabinet Presidensial

The term cabinet comes from the French, “cabinet” which means a group of experts who work as advisers who help for the benefit of the king.

The first time a country that used this term was France around the 17th century, to call its working group a cabinet. Later in the day, in the modern state system, called ministers. After France then followed the British around the 18th century. At that time France and Britain were led by an absolute monarchy. The king as head of state and head of the royal government held unlimited power. read more