[SP*ACE] Pengambilan Tanda Mata Magang
Bagi mahasiswa/i yang akan/ sedang menjalani program magang pada Semester Ganjil, kami Unit SP*ACE menyediakan Tanda Mata untuk perusahaan/ lembaga tempat Anda magang.
Untuk pengambilan Tanda Mata, sila mengisi formulir pada link:
http://bit.ly/DatabaseMagang dan Tanda Mata dapat diambil mulai Senin, 18 Juli 2016 di kantor Unit SP*ACE, Gedung BA Ruang 110.
Bila terdapat pertanyaan terkait dengan pengambilan Tanda Mata magang, dapat menghubungi kami via email: karir.fisipol@ugm.ac.id 
Terima kasih atas kesediannya!
Kontak karir.fisipol@ugm.ac.id
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Deadline July 11, 2016, 11:59 p.m.





International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management (IUP PPM) is the first public policy and management program in Indonesia that has been accredited by AUN (ASEAN University Netweork) at Program Level under the umbrella of the DIES, ASEAN-QA Project, jointly organized by AQAN, AUN, DAAD, ENQA, HRK, and SEAMAO RIHED. It reaffirms the quality of education we are providing, not only in Indonesia but also in ASEAN and European standards. 

The program is purposefully designed to respond to new challenges on public administration in both local and national as well as global, and aims at arming students with knowledge and skills.

The Admission Period of the Third Intake of International Undergraduate Program in Public Policy and Management is now open until July 11 2016! 

Admission Test             : 16/17 July 2016

Result                          : 21 July 2016


For further information about this program and admission procedures visit: 
DPPM website: 




UM UGM website: 



Don't miss it!

Phone: +62 274 512700 ext. 200+62 274 563362
Mobile: +62 812 2622 2210



Kontak +62 274 512700 ext. 200, +62 274 563362, +6281226222210
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Pengumuman Calon Penerima Beasiswa Yayasan Kayan Makmur
Deadline June 16, 2016, 9 a.m.

Berdasar hasil evaluasi terhadap berkas yang telah diserahkan,berikut kami sampaikan Daftar Nama Mahasiswa Fisipol Calon Penerima Beasiswa yang lulus seleksi. 


  1. Calista Dyah Amalia
  2. Mohamad Akbar Aziz
  3. Rahmi Hidayati
  4. Shabrina Irvin R. 
  5. Markus GUmala Bandhu
  6. Badrul Arifin
  7. Yunia Fatkhurohmah
  8. Rinnai Fauzia Rahma Sejati
  9. Risnu Meidianto Rahmat Aliviani
  10. Citra Widya Saputri
  11. Uma Amalia Imandini
  12. Kurnia Indarti
  13. Dhuita Ayu Ningtyas
  14. Christa Dinda Melati Kusumadewi

Sehubungan dengan hal tersebut, mohon mahasiswa yang lulus seleksi dapat mengikuti wawancara yang akan dilaksanakan pada:

Hari, Tanggal : 16 Juni 2016

Waktu : 09.00-selesai

Tempat: Ruang Sidang DIrektorat Kemahasiswaan Kantor Pusat Lantai 1 Sayap Utara, Universitas Gadjah Mada, Bulaksumur. 


Persyaratan pada saat interview:

  1. Membawa Fotokopi KTP dan Fotokopi Kartu Keluarga (yang masih berlaku)
  2. Membawa alat tulis
  3. Diharapkan hadir di tempat interview 15 menit sebelum waktu yang ditentukan. (apabila tidak hadir dianggap mengundurkan diri).


Kontak Akademik Fisipol UGM
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Call for Application: Civil Education Network in Asia (CENA) Summer School
Deadline June 15, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

Civil Education Network in Asia (CENA) is a joint initiative of 4 universities in North East Asia, including: Keisen University, Sacred Heart University (Japan); Hani Shen University (Taiwan); and Hanshin University (Korea) to promote students’ self-reflection and critical thinking.

The 5th CENA summer school will be co-hosted by Asian Resource Foundation (ARF) and Asian Muslim Action Network (AMAN) at International Institute of Peace and Development Studies (IIPDS) in Nong Chok, Bangkok, Thailand. The school is scheduled on August 1st - 5th, 2016 with the theme"Democracy, Development and Peace in Civil Education".

Undergraduate & Post-graduate students, Youth Leaders, Young Scholars, Peace and Development workers from NGOs are encouraged to apply. 


 Civil Education Network in Asia (CENA) is an initiative of progressive scholars from North East Asia. It offers summer school program to enable students to inculcate critical thinking towards self and collective empowerment. So that, the new generation can express themselves independent of existing oppressive dominant cultures and authorities.

This process of self realization inspires students to embrace diversity and transcend to become truly global citizens. They develop inner urge to voluntarily express solidarity with the communities near and far engaged in the struggle to get rid of poverty, deprivation, injustices and exclusion.

The summer school analyzes the state of Asia and the world, identify challenges and explore opportunities. It creates space to share local experiences, facilitate exposure visits to know more about host countries, its cultures and establish relations with socially engaged organizations.

Participatory process in the school generates ideas to follow-up both academic and practical works in between two summer schools.

Key Words of the Fifth Summer School: Democracy, Development and Peace 

Most of the nation states have been suffering from democratic deficits. Government either elected by the people or self appointed ones, tend to serve the rich and powerful. Whereas the vast majority rural and urban population, remain at the bottom line.

Development induced displacement, manmade disaster and exploitation of natural resources put not only the life of the people at great risk, but it is causing insecurity for future generation.

We have been witnessing unprecedented level of violence by the states and non state extremists, loss of lives, destruction and the plight of millions of refugees and migrant caused by the coalition of states and coalition of states. Some termed it as Third World War. So peace is the call of the day.

The governments and its structures, the political parties, business groups and the educational institutes all seem failing in their respective role. United Nation helplessly witnessing one of the greatest human tragedy


Day Wise Proposed Program

August One     : Arrival, Orientation about the venue and rest

August Two     : Introduction of the participants and SENA Summer School and Program. Discussion and adoption of agenda, the time frame.

Thematic Plenary presentations by scholars and responses from the participants


  • Role and relevance of critical education in responding emerging challenges
  • Geo politics and its impact on trans-border cooperation
  • Natural and man-made disaster: Trans-border solidarity
  • Understanding global and local extremism and possible way out
  • Cultural Evening

Day three        : Presentation from students and commented scholars and students

  • Coping with uncertain future and the stress experienced by the students
  • Relationships between outdoor and indoor studies and impact
  • Students role in political activism : contradiction and complementary to critical thinking
  • Presence of old scholar limits space /creates space for students
  • Advantage and disadvantage of specialized topic and integrated topics
  • Challenges and opportunities for students studying in abroad

Workshop on Academic Writing

School or Community visit

August four: Concluding Session

City tour

Kontak arfasia@yahoo.com
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How To
  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate students, Youth leaders, Young scholars, Peace and Development workers from NGOs who are passionate and active in development and peace are encouraged to apply.
  • Age limit: 18 – 30 years old
  • Proficiency in English is required. Academic lectures, discussions and workshops are conducted in English.
  • Completed application form and CV should be sent to: arfasia@yahoo.com with email subject: *Name of applicant* – Application form – CENA summer school, August 1 st -5 th , 2016.
  • Course Fee: 100 USD. The course fee covers airport transfer, accommodation and food.
  • Organizer does NOT provide Airfare and Visa Expenses
Lowongan Magang Tim Media FISIPOL UGM (Periode Juni-Agustus 2016)
Deadline May 31, 2016, 10 a.m.

Lowongan untuk Bergabung dengan Tim Media FISIPOL UGM

Hai, Tim Media Fisipol UGM yang sekarang akan berakhir kontraknya. Apakah kamu tertarik untuk menggantikan mereka? 

Tergabung dalam tim ini, maka kamu bisa bereksperimen dengan media daring resmi yang dimiliki Fisipol UGM, yaitu website dan media sosial.


1.     Mempunyai kemampuan menulis judul dan deskripsi yang kuat.

2.     Mampu mengolah angka dan juga menggunakan analitis untuk membuat strategi sosial.

3.     Berpengalaman melakukan reportase dan memiliki kemampuan story telling.

4.     Mempunyai kemampuan untuk membuat teks, visual, dan bentuk interaktif lain untuk mengiringi konten­konten di media sosial.

5.     Memahami karakter audiens Fisipol UGM

6.     Mempunyai sikap can­-do, fleksibel, adaptif, dan mampu bekerjasama dalam tim.

7.     Bersedia mengikuti program magang selama bulan Juni-Agustus 2016 ( 3 bulan).

Silakan kirim portfolio dan resume ke email alumnifisipol@gmail.com dengan subject Tim Media Sosial. Maksimal email diterima pada tanggal 31 Mei 2016 jam 10.00.

Pelamar yang lolos seleksi akan diundang dalam tahap interview.

Kontak 0811 263 1100 (Ian), alumnifisipol@gmail.com
Tautan http://fisipol.ugm.ac.id/
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Lowongan Magang di Kementerian Riset, Teknologi, dan Pendidikan Tinggi
Deadline May 31, 2016, 11:59 p.m.

Posisi yang Ditawarkan:

  1. Ilmu Komunikasi (Jurnalistik)
  2. Desain Komunikasi Visual
  3. Sastra/ Bahasa Inggris
  4. Motion Grapher
  5. Videographer
  6. Web Designer
  7. Sekretaris
  8. Hub. Internasional
  9. Manajemen Informatika
  10. Meeting, Incentive, Convention, and Exhibition (MICE)

Persyaratan Umum:

  1. Mahasiswa /i (Status Aktif)
  2. Mampu bekerja dalam tim
  3. Menguasai Software Desain Grafis
  4. Periode Magang minimal selama 3 bulan (Juni - Agustus 2016)


  1. Surat pengantar dari Perguruan Tinggi (Ditandatangani oleh pimpinan Perguruan Tinggi dan ditujukan kepada: Kepala Biro Kerjasama dan Komunikasi Publik Sekretariat Jenderal KEMRISTEKDIKTI dengan menyebutkan bidang magang yang di tuju)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. Pas Photo
  4. Portofolio (Khusus mahasiswa/i DKV, fotografer, videographer, dan motion grapher)

Berkas dikirim dalam bentuk PDF Max 6MB

Melalui E-mail: dzulkifli@ristekdikti.go.id, msfajri@dikti.go.id, syarifuddin.fajri@gmail.com

Pendaftaran dibuka 25 - 31 Mei 2016 *) Diutamakan daerah JABODETABEK


Kontak Kantor SP*ACE Gedung BA Lt. 1 Ruang 110, FISIPOL UGM Unit Bulaksumur
Tautan http://ristekdikti.go.id/program-magang-periode-ke-2-tahun-2016/
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SEMINAR Career Coach dan Beauty Class Bersama PT. Paragon Technology Innovation
Deadline May 27, 2016, 9 a.m.

Jumat, 27 Mei 2016

09.00 WIB – Selesai

Gedung BH Ruang 301, FISIPOL UGM


Career Coach bersama PT Paragon Technology Innovation

Get your best future

Pukul 09.00 – 11.30 WIB

Rp 20.000,-


  • Persiapan menuju dunia kerja
  • Penulisan CV
  • Persiapan rekrutmen & wawancara



  • Buku Paragon Way: Basic Personality for Your Successful Work Days
  • Recruitmen PLDP & Management Trainee (Drop CV)


Beauty Class bersama Wardah

Pukul 13.00 – 15.00

Rp 35.000,-


  • Voucher belanja produk senilai Rp 35.000,-
  • Sertifikat Beauty Class
  • Perlengkapan dan alat make up disediakan oleh Wardah



Career Coach dan Beauty Class

Rp 50.000


Informasi dan Registrasi Pendaftaran

  • SMS ke Hotline: 081226845853

Format: Nama_Instansi_(kegiatan yang ingin diikuti)



  • Datang langsung ke kantor SP*ACE

Gedung BA Lt. 1 Ruang 110, FISIPOL UGM Unit Bulaksumur

Kontak Kantor SP*ACE Gedung BA Lt. 1 Ruang 110, FISIPOL UGM Unit Bulaksumur
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Open Applications for ASEAN Young Scholars Workshop 2016
Deadline May 20, 2016, 11:59 p.m.
Open Applications for ASEAN Young Scholars Workshop 2016
Deadline 20 May 2016
Strong aplicants should be :
  • Southeast Asian and Korean residents
  • MA/Ph.D. students, young academics, research staff, or independent researchers in the social sciences and humanities
  • Proficient in written and spoken English
  • Involved or interested in Southeast Asian Studies and research
  • Interested and eager to participate in multicultural interactions and discussions
  • Preferably below 35 years old
Succesful applicants will be provided a stipend, meals during the workshop/tours/conference, accommodation, and reimbursement of travel costs and local transportation (airport-UM (university accommodation)-airport).


Kontak asia_euro@um.edu.my
Tautan https://aei.um.edu.my/event-info/asean-young-scholars-workshop-2016
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How To

How to apply:

Interested applicants are invited to submit a short essay (500 words) explaining why he or she is interested to participate in this workshop, to carum@um.edu.my by 20 May 2016.

Successful applicants will be officially notified by 6 June 2016 via email, along with other details.


Open Registration : Graduate Program in International Relations UGM 2016
Deadline June 15, 2016, midnight

Administered by Departement of International Relations, Faculty of Social & Political Sciences, University of Gadjah Mada. Since 2002, the Graduated Program in International Relations has existed to help us to comprehend issues as well as conceptual and empirical frameworks in International Politics, International Development Cooperation, and International Peace Studies. In attaining sucah an enterprise, we develop the following three programs:

  1. Master of Arts in International Relations
  2. Master of Arts in Global Trade Diplomacy
  3. Master of Arts in Global Humanitarian Diplomacy

Admission Period

  • Application Period : 22 April - 15 June 2016
  • Payment Period    : 23 April - 17 June 2016
  • Result Notification : 29 June 2016

Online Registration : http://um.ugm.ac.id

Contact and Information

Website : http://hi.fisipol.ugm.ac.id

Phone   : (+62274) 563362 ext 361

Email    : hi@ugm.ac.id

Kontak +62274-563362
Tautan http://hi.fisipol.ugm.ac.id/
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Bank Indonesia pada tahun 2016 kakan memberikan bantuan uang pendidikan sebesar Rp. 500.000, 00 kepada 40 mahasiswa UGM, dengan persyaratan sebagai berikut :
1. Mahasiswa S1 reguler
2. Sekurang-kurangnya telah menyelesaikan 4 semester dan/atau teleah menempuh minimal 60 SKS
3. Mimiliki IPK minimal 3,00
4. Melampirkan FC Transkrip NIlai dan KHS semester sebelumnya yang telah dilegalisir
5. Melampirkan surat keterangan tidak mampu dari kelurahan / kecamatan
6. Melampirkan surat keterangan tanggungan orang tua/kartu Keluarga (C1)
7. Melampirkan surat keterangan bebas penyalagunaan NAPZA (Narkoba)
8. Umur tidak lebih dari 23 tahun pada saat menerima beasiswa (dilampiri FC KTP)
9. Mengisi formulir permohonan
10.b Foto copy Gamacard
11. Tidak sedang menerima beasiswa, bekerja atau berada dalam status ikatan dinas dari lembaga lai/instansi lain
12. Mempunyai pengalaman menjalankan aktivitas sosial yang memiiki dampak kebermanbagi masyarakat
13. Menulis surat pernyataan untuk berperan aktif, mengelola dan mengembangkan komunitas mahasiswa penerima beasiswa "GenBI" Bank Indonesia serta berpartisipasi pada semua kegiatan yang diselenggarakan oleh Bank Indoensia
14. Lulus PPSMB (melampirkan fotocopy PPSMB)

Berkas pengajuan beasiswa disampaikan Bagian Kemahsiswaan FISIPOL paling lambat tanggal 9 Mei 2016 pkl. 15.00 WIB
Atas perhatiannya diucapkan terima kasih.

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Public Policy Management