Research and Publication Units

The Institute of Governance and Public Affairs (IGPA) is an established institution with the aim of conducting research, dissemination and publication of results simultaneously with academic activities at the Master of Public Administration (Magister Administrasi Publik - MAP), Gadjah Mada University.
The Institute of International Studies (IIS) was established as a research, advocacy and publisher for the International Relations Department, Universitas Gadjah Mada. IIS is a manifestation of the International Relations Department vision to develop knowledge on international issues at the theoretical level and translating it on a practical level to attain a fair and peaceful society.
DECODE (Digital Media and Communication Research Center) is a research center under The Department of Communication Science (DIKOM) that serves to develop digital media research and communication. This research center was established in 2016 to replace the previous research center, NEWMESIS (New Media Studies). This development is intended to cover the diversity of the research locus which is currently the concern of DIKOM.
PolGov (Research Center for Politics and Government) is a research unit under the Department of Politics and Government (JPP) Fisipol UGM. PolGov is the result of a merger of two laboratories that have been separately administered by UGM Department of Government / Political and Governmental Sciences (JIP / JPP) and Master Program of Local Politics and Regional Autonomy / Political Science (PLOD / Political Science) UGM. Aims to develop better research, advocacy and publication activities on political and governance issues.
Research, Publication and Community Service
Center for Youth Studies Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) UGM, was established on 21 May 2011 with a vision to become a research and service institution for the society in the field of youth who are respected and play a role in the development of science for the progress of the nation.
The ASEAN Study Center of Gadjah Mada University is a multi-disciplinary study center, established in accordance with the Tri Dharma Principles consisting of three areas of Teaching, Research and Community Service in particular with regard to the field of ASEAN Studies.
Sociology Research Center (SOREC) UGM is a center aiming to promote research and knowledge dissemination, publication, and partnerships among academician.
The Center for Policy and Management Studies (REFORMA) is founded to contribute to the development of public governance, both in public policy and public sector management, on the basis of research, advocacy and training activities.
Center for Digital Society - CfDS - stands to explore the study of contemporary digital society, including issues related to it, such as the issue of smart cities and urban development. CfDS also focuses on the use of technology to shape society in the process of digitizing, and to offer solutions to social issues and issues.
The Center for Capacity Building and Collaboration (PPKK) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) Gadjah Mada University (UGM) is an institution within the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences to contribute in the field of education, research, and community service.
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Social Development Studies Centre (SODEC) is a research center under Department of Social Development and Welfare, the activities are focusing on research, publication, community service and training.