Bekraf: Creating The Startup Ecosystem For Indonesia

Yogyakarta, 2 October 2018- The Auditorium on the 4th floor of the BB Building was already filled with participants since 1 p.m.. Participants, which hailed from various institutions or faculties, attended the Bekraf Pitching & Talkshow event. This event was held by the Creative Economy Agency (Bekraf) Indonesia that collaborated with Fisipol Creative Hub within the Bekraf Road Show Goes to Campus program. This roadshow was planned to be held in 7 big cities in Indonesia, including Yogyakarta. While waiting for the opening of the event, the committee showed videos showing winners of startup competitions from various countries.

In 1.35 p.m., the event was opened by the MC, which guided the participants to stand up and to sing Indonesia Raya. Afterwards, the event was proceeded by an explanation regarding GoStartupIndonesia (GSI) as a platform for startups by Bekraf. The event than was proceeded again by an opening speech by Dr. Wawan Mas’udi as the Vice Dean of Academic and Student Affairs of Fisipol and Fadjar Hutomo as the Deputy for Capital Access of Bekraf. In his opening speech, Fadjar stated that GSI is an initiative from the Creative Economy Agency to connect capital owners for the development of Indonesian startup ecosystem. Fadjar also stated that he believes that a good startup emerges to solve problems.

Furthermore, the event was proceeded by a talk show session that was divided into two segments. The first segment was moderated by Herwanto S. Prabowo, the Head of Sub Directorate of Venture Capital of Bekraf. In this segment, there were four speakers that were invited to the stage, which included Syaifullah as the Director of Capital Access of Bekraf, Muhammad Neil El Himam as the Director of the facilitation of IT infrastructure of Bekraf, Eddy Purjanto from the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce in Yogyakarta and Arif Singapurwoko as the administrator of Business Incubator and also a Lecturer in UII.

This talk show provided a new understanding regarding the thriving world of startups in Indonesia. Yogyakarta itself, despite having numerous creative activists, still lacks in business development. Bekraf attempts to provide the solution needed for startups in Indonesia by building a healthy ecosystem, in which startups can receive mentoring as well as collaboration with other related actors.


Translated by : Ariq Dmitri Andrei

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