Jenius Digital Banking as a Solution for Financial Needs

Yogyakarta, 26 September 2019—Wasi B. Sumintardja, the Head of the Digital Banking Business Product of BTPN, provided an explanation about Jenius, a digital banking platform. Jenius was created to fulfil the financial needs of the public. “We created Jenius digital banking not only as a product, but as a tool to fulfil the needs of our customers. Therefore, we always involve our customers in developing Jenius. We conduct 280 research projects annually, in order to ensure that Jenius can facilitate the public well in making financial services more accessible,” Wasi stated. read more

Fisipol UGM’s 64th Anniversary: The Importance of Social Innovation in the Digital Era

Yogyakarta, 19 September 2019—to commemorate the founding of Fisipol in 1955, this year’s Dies Natalis of Fisipol UGM was held spectacularly. This event was held last Thursday at the West Hall of Fisipol.

“Social Innovation in the Digital Era: Towards an Inclusive and Just Society” was the grand theme of the 64th Dies Natalis of Fisipol. This theme was proposed by the Department of Sociology, the organizer of this year’s Dies Natalis. This theme was aimed to spread the spirit of inclusivity and equality before the law through social innovations in the digital era, especially in implementing the three obligations of a university (Tri Dharma Perguruan Tinggi). read more

Rhapsody of the Archipelago Gamelan 4.0: Giving Life to the Nation Through Cultural Preservation

Yogyakarta, 19 September 2019—Last Thursday, Fisipol celebrated its 64th anniversary. After a tumpeng competition on Thursday, the Rhapsody of the Archipelago (ROTA) press conference was held on Digilib Café on the same day. ROTA was a part of Fisipol’s dies natalis that will be held until the 30th of November.

This forum was attended by Prof. Ir. Panut Mulyono, M.Eng., D.Eng. (the Rector of UGM), Dr. Erwan Agus Purwanto, M.Si. (the Dean of Fisipol), Dr. Wening Udasmoro, M.Hum., DEA., (the Dean of the Faculty of Cultural Sciences), Sabrang Mowo Damar Panuluh (the vocalist of Letto band) and Ari Wulu (the Programme Director of Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival). The last two figures were invited to participate in the main event of the dies natalis that will take place in the Grha Sabha Pramana square. read more

Talking About Women’s Representation in the Media Through the “More Than Work” Film Screening

Yogyakarta, 13 September 2019—Due to the rapid advancement of technology, the media industry grows at a remarkable pace. “Today, Indonesia has one of the world’s highest number of media,” as stated by Luviana, the director of the “More Than Work” film. This film was screened in the Mandiri Auditorium at the 4th floor of the Fisipol UGM building.

As a woman, Luviana has experienced the ups and downs throughout her career in the media industry. “I have worked in various jobs in the media industry, such as on the radio, printed media, online media and the television.” Currently, she works as a journalist in Metro TV. Her film acts as a platform to share her experiences to the public. read more

Bambang Sunaryo’s Retirement Seminar: Fisipol Has a Responsibility in Developing the Tourism Sector in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, 10 September 2019—Fisipol, especially the Department of Public Policy and Management, has an important responsibility of contributing to the development of the tourism sector in Indonesia. This issue was the main idea of Drs. Bambang Sunaryo, SU., M.Sc.’s retirement seminar. Bambang recently ended his tenure as a lecturer in the Department of Public Policy and Management of UGM.

In his retirement seminar that was held last Tuesday in the Eastern Seminar Room of Fisipol, he conveyed the importance of public policy formulation in the tourism sector, especially in selecting key destinations. Proper public policies can bring not only sustainable economic growth, but also a multiplier effect that can reduce inequality for the local community. read more

Enhancing Our English Proficiency in IREC 2019

Yogyakarta, 8 September 2019—Eloquence in public speaking is indeed an important asset. Hence, International Relations English Competition (IREC) 2019 was held in order to improve the English public speaking skills of high school students. “Harmonizing Humanity to Work Alongside the Industrial Revolution 4.0” was the grand theme of this year’s edition of IREC. IREC itself is one of the programmes of the Association of International Relations Students, and was consisted of debate, storytelling and speech competitions. This event was held from the 6th until the 8th of September. read more

Responding to the Conflict in Papua, Fisipol held a Discussion on Papua and Nationhood

Yogyakarta, 6 September 2019—“Papua disagrees with the currently existing notion of nationhood. Modern nationhood emphasizes on the notion of nation-states, while in Papua, the integration process has been done without a proper deal. Since the past, we have been trying to clarify Papua’s history, as how other ethnicities have done, such as the Javanese, the Bugis, and the others. Papua’s demands will never be accepted by Jakarta, but it through a referendum. Just give what Papua want!,” as stated by Frans, a representative of the Papuan students that were present on this discussion. This discussion was entitled “Papua and Nationhood” and was held last Friday on Fisipol’s Digilib Café. read more

CfDS: How Much Do We Know About the Dark Web?

Yogyakarta, 30 August 2019—The internet greatly helps us in providing the necessary information daily, but the internet also has its rather illicit side, known as the dark web. The dark web was the main focus of the Center for Digital Society’s (CfDS) 15th edition of Digital Future Discussion (Difussion), entitled “Dark Web: What Should We Know About It?” on Thursday at Antologi Collaborative Space. This event featured three researchers from CfDS.

The first speaker, Felice Valeria, focused on political activism in the dark web. The dark web provides anonymity, which can be useful for political activists. Different governments have different stances in regard to the dark web. In China, the dark web is banned, while it is not in the United States. “For sensitive issues, the dark web can greatly facilitate activists, as activists can organize their underground movements. We can use the Black Lives Matter movement in the United States as an example,” Felice stated. In Indonesia, criminal activities, pornography and human trafficking activities can be found in the dark web. read more

Institute of International Studies UGM: Discussing Alternative Deradicalization Methods for Terrorists

Yogyakarta, 29 August 2019—In regard to countering terrorism, very little research has been done to understand the appropriate method for deradicalization after a terrorist has been arrested. Hence, most attempts of countering terrorism only focus on short-term goals, while neglecting the long-term aspects. Therefore, the Institute of International Studies (IIS) UGM held a discussion to dive further on this matter.

This discussion was led by Cut Intan Auliannisa Isma from IIS and featured two guest speakers from different backgrounds. The first speaker was Hardya Pranadipa, which recently earned his M.A. degree from the International Institute of Social Studies in Den Haag, and also an alumnus from the Department of International Relations of UGM. Meanwhile, the second speaker was Abu Tholut Al-Jawiy, an expert of Islamic social movements and a former member of Jemaah Islamiyah. read more

CCUC: Doing Cultural Exchange While Exploring Yogyakarta

Yogyakarta, 24 August 2019—This edition of “Cross-Cultural Understanding Club (CCUC): Know Your City” was held at the beginning of the academic year. “Foreign students, as well as Indonesian students that originated from outside Yogyakarta, were introduced to Yogyakarta’s history on this programme,” as stated by Yusuf Dhimas, the Project Manager of CCUC in Fisipol UGM’s Global Engagement Office (GEO).

CCUC is GEO Fisipol’s monthly program and invited both foreign and local students as a platform for cultural exchange. CCUC usually visits historical and interactive places. In this edition of “Know Your City”, the participants visited three historical places in Yogyakarta; Pakualaman, Keraton Yogyakarta and Sonobudoyo Museum. read more