Doctoral Program

Public Policy and Management

The Doctoral Program in Public Policy and Management is a research based program in which students work on an independent Doctoral Dissertation within 3 years, it will then be evaluated according to a specific qualification. Such curriculum is designed to aid the student to devise an academic breakthrough, based on previously acquired theories. Some highlights of the program are: 1) Research Method, a course that is designed to provide an understanding toward the methodological principles of public policy and management studies, and 2) The Epistemology of State Administration Science, a course that is designed to provide an inside toward the ontology, epistemology, and axiology State Administration Science. First year students must pass at least 2 courses that are relevant to the students’ interest and research plan. There are two study plan that can be chosen by students:

  • Waived Scheme
  • Independent Study and course scheme

Politics and Governance

The Doctoral Program in Politics and Governance is designed to respond to the demand for higher qualification within the field of politics and governance as the name suggests. Some of the highlights of the program includes Methodologies of Social Sciences, Research Methods, as well as advanced and specialized thematic courses.
The curriculum of the program is designed as a research-based degree, in which students will conduct an independent research to complete a Doctoral dissertation within 3 years. Such curriculum design aims to enhance students’ capacity to analyze and apply their knowledge, and graduate with excellence as a Doctor in political science.


The Doctoral Program in Sociology sets a mission to produce graduates with eminent skill in analyzing and reviewing society. Some distinguished courses that are offered in this programs are as follow; The Theories of Sociology, Methodologies of Social Sciences, Methods of Social Research, and Contemporary Issues This program is designed to be completed within 3 years, including 2 years of theoretical courses.
The program seeks to provide the graduates with the ability to implement and reflect the theory of sociology, both in critical and emancipatory, and innovative norm to contribute to the academic improvement, as well as conducting social transformation.