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National Dialogue of the Community Entrepreneurship Academy (AKM), Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, UGM presenting several National Indonesian Figures as Speakers

Yogyakarta, 28 July 2018—the Community Entrepreneurship Academy (AKM) of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol), UGM held a National Dialogue as a closing of the cloning stage for its participants. This National Dialogue was open to the public and it was attended by national figures such as the Minister of Manpower, M. Hanif Dhakiri, the Regent of Kulon Progo, Hasto Wardoyo, the Director of Labour Market Information, Roostiawati, the Head of the Yogyakarta Special Province Regional Manpower Office, Andung Prihadi, and the Head of the Lembang Vocational Training Center (BLK), Aan Subhan. The National Dialogue was held at the Mandiri Auditorium in Fisipol, UGM on Saturday (28/7). Carrying the theme “the Role of Sociopreneur in Building National Resilience”, the main objective of the event was to instill positive impacts of the AKM program not only to the participants and target villages, but to the wider public as well. The Dean of Fisipol UGM, Erwan Agus Purwanto, stated that the AKM program demonstrates Fisipol UGM’s support to solutions that address Indonesian economic issues through the sociopreneur movement. “In order to provide students with entrepreneurship skills, we have prepared a startup incubation program,” Erwan said in the opening remarks he delivered during the National Dialogue. read more

Building Social Problem Solutions through Innovative Products Creation

As a weekly agenda organized by Fisipol Creative Hub, sharing sessions always bring creative change makers to share and discuss about their sociopreneurship innovation. Located at Digilib Cafe, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol) UGM, this session sharing invites Sehati (Sahabat Sehat Jiwa) and SuperC6 as the fourth sharing session on Thursday (5/4). Carrying the concept in two different fields, the sharing session  attracted many participants from various faculties to other universities.

Sehati and SuperC6 are two changemakers Fisipol Creative Hub initiate innovative products as solutions to social problems. Sehati is a changemaker that departs from the many mental health problems that have not been addressed comprehensively and inclusively. Meanwhile, SuperC6 is engaged in the environment by processing various kinds of liquid waste through the creation of products in powder form.

Sharing session begins by Sehati who raised the urgency of mental health problems and handling are still inadequate. “According to research conducted by the World Health Organization (WHO), depression will become the second most deadly disease in the world in 2020,” said Jihad Wafda, Seemati changemaker representative who currently works as a teacher at one of the private high schools in Yogyakarta . According to him, depression has a different level. Before reaching the acute stage, the problem of mild depression is actually a common problem experienced by many people, but often ignored. In fact, mild depression is the root of higher levels of depression. read more

Starting Big Changes from Small Things

“We hope that our initiated social movement can hold many people to participate and spread goodness, even starting on a small scale,” said Risnu M. Rahmat Alviani, founder of Kindness Kebaikan who became one of the Sharing Session Fisipol Creative Hub on Thursday ( 29/3). In the event also invited Creative changemaker 1, the talent that carries the thesis works, Yahya Fadhil Ilmi who was taking his final year in Social Development and Welfare (PSdK) Fisipol UGM. With the theme Innovation Visual Content, Yahya and Drs. Purwoputranto as an invited guest participated in filling Sharing Session which has been held for the third time. This weekly event is held at Digital Library (Digilib) Café, Fisipol UGM.

Sharing session begins with material exposure by Risnu. Engaged in education, the Kind of Kindness is a social movement focusing on providing scholarships and guidance to students in Yogyakarta. “At this stage we are still using fixed donations and tentative donations distributed to awardee,” said Risnu. However, he added that in the long-term plan, the Goodness Knot will begin to manage a series of business funding activities. This business funding activity is a way for the Good Kindness not to depend 100% with incoming donations. The concept of scholarships that not only provide educational assistance but also the formation of a Kind of Kindness so that the awardee can become an independent person and move and give outcome along with Kindness Knot. read more

The Need for Cooperation in Creating “Zero Sexual Violence” Campus

In Women’s March on March 10, hundreds of people from women to men jointly demanded equality and rejected various forms of discrimination and sexual violence. This action is dominated by students from various universities, one of them Fisipol UGM with the call “Fisipol Goes to March” became one of the participants who participated in the action.

Not stopping at the action, Youth Studies Center (Yousure) together with Institute of International Studies (IIS) Fisipol UGM held a series of events titled “Why We Protest?” As a follow-up event after Women’s March. read more

Sharing Session C-Hub: Gifood Innovative Concepts and Voice for Changes

FISIPOL Creative Hub (C-Hub) on Thursday, March 22, 2018, held a sharing session by inviting the two startups of Gifood and Voice for Changes to tell their experiences to about thirty other entrepreneur candidates. Located at Digilib Cafe, this sharing session is held to educate prospective entrepreneurs so they can imagine the development of startup that they will create later.

The second concept of startup in sharing session this time was interesting and innovative. Gifood is a startup that liaises between people who have excess food and people who do not have access to food. Voice for Changes itself is a startup that focuses on creating audiobooks for distribution to blind people who do not get a chance to taste the fun of reading novels and interesting new books. read more