Jenius Digital Banking as a Solution for Financial Needs

Yogyakarta, 26 September 2019—Wasi B. Sumintardja, the Head of the Digital Banking Business Product of BTPN, provided an explanation about Jenius, a digital banking platform. Jenius was created to fulfil the financial needs of the public. “We created Jenius digital banking not only as a product, but as a tool to fulfil the needs of our customers. Therefore, we always involve our customers in developing Jenius. We conduct 280 research projects annually, in order to ensure that Jenius can facilitate the public well in making financial services more accessible,” Wasi stated.

Previously, customers have to be physically present a bank in order to conduct transactions. Removing this concept is the main spirit of Jenius. The rising internet usage also facilitates this spirit. “People have to come to the bank to do their financial activities, such as registering, reporting the loss of their ATM cards, or other activities. This is why we created Jenius, a tool for digital banking,” Wasi told the audience.

Jenius is different with other digital banking platforms, as anyone can register remotely by downloading an application. “Jenius don’t require its customers to come to the bank. Our customers can download our application and the verification process will be done through a video call from our staff,” Wasi conveyed. Jenius’ inclusive digital banking concept has brought positive responses from the public. According to a research done by Jenius, the public believed that Jenius is innovative, reliable and able to provide a sense of simplicity and security.

“We have changed the traditional mindset, from bank-centric to customer-centric. Therefore, hopefully Jenius can facilitate the public in doing their financial affairs,” Wasi stated. This discussion was held on Thursday (26/9) at the Mandiri Auditorium. This discussion was a part of Digitalk, entitled “Financial Habit in Digital Era: The Value of Our Money” and was held under a collaboration between CfDS and Jenius.