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Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of UGM Successfully Holds 3 Minutes Thesis 2022

Yogyakarta, September 23rd 2022=&0=&In this year’s event, FISIPOL 3 Minutes Thesis (3MT) succeeded in attracting finalists from various faculties at UGM. The ten finalists from undergraduate and postgraduate programs presented their research results at BRIWork FISIPOL UGM on Friday afternoon (23/9). The finalists were judged by the jury with various backgrounds, namely Prof. Dr. eng. Kuwat Triyana, M.Si; Dina Widyaputri Kariodimedjo, SH, LL.M., PHD; Sekar Sari, M.A; Dr. Ir. Sugeng Sapto Surjono, S.T., M.T., IPU., ASEAN; and Suzanna Eddyono, S.Sos., M.Sc., MA, Ph.D.

Starting the 3MT, the Dean of FISIPOL UGM, Wawan Mas’udi, SIP., MPA., Ph.D., appreciated the implementation of this year’s 3MT. “The basic idea (3MT) is to provide opportunities, to provide space, to provide an arena for the best young researchers at UGM to be able to present their research ideas, their research results in a concise, concise and strong way,” said Wawan.

Maulidya Indah Mega Saputri (Ministry of Social Development & Welfare) won the FISIPOL 3MT undergraduate category with the title “Dissecting @ugmcantik: Covert Sexualization on Campus”. Meanwhile, through his work entitled “Environmental Impact of the Future of Agriculture: Vertical Farming Cultivation Method”, Mauli Anom Sari (Department of Industrial Engineering) won second place for the undergraduate category. In addition, Mauli Anom Sari also won the People’s Choice Award. read more

CfDS Collaborates with Fairwork to Discuss the Welfare of Gig Workers

Yogyakarta, September 23rd 2022Center for Digital Society (CfDS) of FISIPOL UGM collaborated with Fairwork Oxford Internet Institute (OII) Indonesia to discuss and launch the research results of Rating Fairwork Indonesia 2022 on Friday (23/9). The event which was held in Digital Expert Talks #17 was attended by three speakers; Treviliana Eka Putri, Fairwork Indonesia Researcher; Yuli Adiratna, Director of Labor Norms Development, Directorate General of Binwasnaker and K3 of the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower; Muhammad Fadh representing Gunawan Hutagalung, Plt. Director of Post, Directorate General of PPI, Kominfo; and moderated by Amelinda Pandu, a researcher from CfDS. read more

Three Alumni of PSdK Fisipol UGM Share Career Experiences in Career Talks: Inspirational Leadership

Yogyakarta, September 22nd 2022─In the framework of the 65th Anniversary, the Department of Social Development and Welfare (PSdK) of FISIPOL UGM held a Career Talks: Inspirational Leadership event with the theme Taking Action in Environmental Justice on Thursday (22/9). The event was held in a hybrid manner at the BRIWork Amphitheater and through the Zoom Meeting platform.

Three speakers who are alumni of the Department of  Social Development (Departemen PSdK) and Welfare were present to share their experiences about their careers, namely Ulul ‘Azmi Aziz, Program Manager of Omah Collective; Nitia Agustini K A, MSc International Development Studies at Utrecht University, and Lalu Muh. Azwar, Sustainable Development & Societal Officer at PT Pertamina Hulu Mahakam and moderated by Pinurba Parama Pratiyudha, a PSdK lecturer. read more

FISIPOL UGM Academic Discussion: “Subsidized Fuel For Whom?”

Yogyakarta, September 22nd 2022─Responding to a wave of protests due to the issue of the increase in subsidized fuel by the public, FISIPOL UGM held an Academic Discussion which was held on Thursday in the Auditorium on 4th Floor of BB Building and through live streaming on the YouTube channel of FISIPOL UGM (22/9). The discussion presented several researchers from UGM such as Yudhistira Hendra Permana S.E., M. Sc., Ph.D., Saiqa Ilham Akbar BS, S.E., M. Sc., Raras Cahyafitri, M.Sc., and moderated by Agung Sario Nugroho, S. .Si., M.Si. read more

The Opening of Fisipol UGM’s 67th Dies Natalis and National Seminar

Yogyakarta, September 19th 2022–The opening of Fisipol UGM’s 67th Dies Natalis and National Seminar with the title of “What is Reformation For? The Challenge of Democracy in the Era of Disruption” was held through a hybrid scheme on Monday (19/9). This year, the Dies speech was given by Nur Rachmat Yuliantoro as a lecturer of the Department of International Relations, with the title of “Digital Transformation, Pandemic, and the Climate Crisis: New Challenges of Global Democracy.”

In the mid-2000-s, various index and watchdogs of democracy showed that Indonesia had practiced democracy well. However, Nur Rachmat said, in these last few years, the doubt surrounding the claim that Indonesia is a democratic country continues to rise as states and society are finding it hard to deal with the challenges of contemporary democracy. As a consequence, practices that weaken democracy start to show.

“In these last few years, we see how the use of digital space continues to weaken democracy, how the management of the pandemic is used as an opportunity to weaken civil society, and how society’s plea for environmental protection is disregarded,” he said. read more

Understanding the Importance of Iteration in A Product Market Fit

Yogyakarta, September 17th 2022As a part of the SOPREMA 7-Year Event, Youth Studies Center (Yousure) FISIPOL UGM is back with the second SOPREMA Talk titled “Product and Development 101: Product Market Fit for Young Sociopreneur” on Saturday (17/9). In this session, Yousure invited Azellia Alma Shafira or Selly, the CEO of Banoo Inovasi Indonesia, as the speaker.

In the business world, the term Product Market Fit (PMF) is used to know whether products that are developed fit the target market aimed for. Therefore, market research is needed. This can be done by involving potential consumers in perfecting the product so it fits their needs. read more

To Boost the Spirits of the Digital Generation, Hakka Indonesia Held a Webinar Especially for Content Creators

Yogyakarta, 14 September 2022—Yogyakarta, September 14th 2022─Fisipol UGM’ Center For Digital Society (CfDS) is one of the media partners in Indonesia Content Creator Day by Hakka Indonesia. The event held online through Zoom on Wednesday (14/9) was aimed to raise the spirits of content creators in Indonesia. 

The development of digital media evoked plenty of changes, specifically in the sector of employment. The opening of new occupations such as content writer, content creator, social media entrepreneurship, and other job posts create plenty of new opportunities for millennials. Hakka Indonesia is one of the biggest agencies that delves in the digital media sector. Hakka Indonesia also accommodates content creators and sellers through the TikTok platform. “Hakka Indonesia creates this Content Creator Day in order to raise the spirits of youth to be the next content creator,” said Debra Zuan the MC. read more

Go South 2022 Discussed Strengthening Global South in Global Politics

Yogyakarta, September 13th 2022─The Institute of International Studies (IIS) under the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (FISIPOL) UGM held the fourth annual Go South 2022 Annual Convention on the Global South from Tuesday to Thursday (13-15/9) online. This event is also in commemoration of the 67th UGM Fisipol Dies Natalis and is supported by Telkomsel.

Discussing international relations and global politics, this event aims to examine strategies and issues that exist in responding to the division between Global South and Global North countries. The discussion was in line with the main theme of this event, namely “Transcending the North-South Divide?: G20 and Multilateralism in Turbulent Global Politics”. read more

ASEAN Study Center Released a Monograph About the Gender Issue

Yogyakarta, September 13th 2022—The ASEAN Studies Center (ASC) Fisipol UGM held a discussion to release a monograph titled Advancing Southeast Asia through Gender Mainstreaming on Tuesday (13/9). Inside this 2021 Monograph edition, there are ten selected articles under four subtopics: (1) mapping progress on gender mainstreaming in ASEAN; (2) addressing gender inequality in the workforce; (3) gender identity, participation, and politics of inclusion; (4) unraveling gender-based violence during the COVID-19 pandemic; and (5) strengthening gender advocacy through grassroots movements. The discussion was moderated by Tunggul Wicaksono, Research Manager of ASC UGM. Tunggul as well as H.E. Yuyun Wahyuningrum and Joel Mark Baysa-Barredo were also the editors for this edition of the monograph. read more

Internship Preparation Series: Provide Internship Debriefing for the Students of FISIPOL UGM

Yogyakarta, September 9th 2022─Career Development Center (CDC) of FISIPOL UGM held a special seminar for students who wanted to learn about internships. The seminar entitled Internship Preparation Series was held for four days in two weeks, namely on September 1-2 and September 8-9 2022. During those two weeks, CDC presented several speakers with different topics who provided basic skills on being in an internship.

On the first day, the seminar started with an explanation of communication techniques in the profession delivered by the Founder & CEO of Bright Internships, Florensia Wijaya. “As good communicators, we must first know what message we want to convey, how far we convey the message, and who is the target audience in front of us,” she explained at the meeting on Thursday (1/9) which was themed Communication Skills for Workplace Success (Verbal Communication). She emphasized that one of the keys to success in an internship is how one can communicate well and purposefully. Furthermore, on Friday (2/9), CDC invited a Director of APINDO Training Center, Prof. Dr. Soeprayitno on the topic of Communication Skills for Workplace Success (Written Communication). The two meetings not only explained the material in one direction but practical material which the participants seemed interactive with. read more