Living in Yogyakarta

Daerah Istimewa Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Special Region) is one of small special regions in Java Island which presents various comfort zone for the students, both the local or the entrant students. There are many supporting things which make Yogyakarta become famous, one of them is the geology formation of Java Island with its natural beauty and the atmosphere supported for teaching and learning process.  It can be concluded that studies in Yogyakarta, we can get many advantages, such as:

 a. Academic

The human resources as the teachers who master their fields. In many cases, the teaching system adheres the curriculum adjusted with various concerns and the global demands. In this case certainly ease the transfer of knowledge process to the students. In addition, there are many easy and beneficial access which support learning process to form future cadres who are able to respond the global demand.

b. Facilities

As the scholarly city, Yogyakarta opens broad opportunities for students from  regions. It is implied to the presence of many new business units, such as lodgings (boarding houses, rented houses, hotels), culinary (fast food restaurants, stalls, cafes, and restaurants), shopping centers (traditional markets, supermarkets, and book shops), business services (tutoring courses, workshops, and transportations), and financial business (banks, assurances, savings and loans, and pawnshops). 

c. Economy

Including as the city which is developed, furthermore Yogyakarta is also known as one of the cities with the lowest cost of living in Indonesia. It makes Yogyakarta become one of the famous destinations both for the immigrants and the students. 

d. Landscape

Yogyakarta has a beautiful landscape with the pleasant circumstance. The landscape is consist of fascinating tourisms, like beaches, mountains, valleys, and hills which support the learning process. An easy access to go to those places and available public services ease the students to conduct a research. 

e. Social and Cultural Richness

Yogyakarta is one one the tourism destinations and it is famous among domestic and foreign tourists. It gives positive impacts towards the students, thus the social and cultural richness is able to attract others to learn and encourage to establish certain departments which concentrate with those issues.

f. Society Openess

It has been long time that Javanese are famous with their politeness and helpfulness. These principals are upheld and they attract other societies, including the students both from other regions and other countries to develop themselves in Yogyakarta. Furthermore, the heterogeneous interaction makes the students feel at home and comfortable to study and broadened their relations in positive way.