Student Life


Korps Mahasiswa Politik dan Pemerintahan (Political and Governmental Students Corps) is one of the students' department assemblages in the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada. It aims to express the students ideas and socialize in the internal level. Its excellence programs are Intermediary Tour, JPP Carnival, JPP-Cup, Polgov Days and Artspiration.


Korps Mahasiswa Komunikasi (Communication Students Corps) was formed as the organization which accommodates the students' interest and aptitude in Communication Science Department of Universitas Gadjah Mada. It has five departments including Internal Department, External Department, Students Activity Department, Research and Development Department, and Communication Media and Information Department. This organization also supervises four major leve Semi-Autonomous Agencies, including Publisia Photo Club engaged in photography, Kine Club engaged in cinematography, deAdline engaged in Advertising, and PRemiere engaged in public relation.


Korps Mahasiswa Hubungan International (International Relation Students Corps) of Universitas Gadjah Mada is one of students' organizations in the form of Students Department Assemblage which aims to provide qualified academic communities, both in the academic and non-academic field, especially in the International Relation Science department. The activities done such as conducting International Day of Peace, International Relation Peace Concert, also Seminar and European Convention.



Keluarga Mahasiswa Manajemen dan Kebijakan Publik (Management and Public Policy Students Colleague) is a student organization of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada, established in 1991. Previously, it named Keluarga Mahasiswa Administrasi Negara (Public Administration Colleague) but there was a name changing since there was a department changing from Public Administration to Management ad Public Policy. It is formed under the Pancasila principle with aim to form a solid, integrated, broad-minded, critical, contributive, and responsible student colleague.



KAPSTRA the acronym of Keluarga Mahasiswa Pembangunan Sosial dan Kesejahteraan (Social Development and Welfare Students Colleague) is a student assemblage of Social Development and Welfare Department.  Its vision is to form the students' competence and professionalism accordance with their scientific field.  The activities done by KAPASTRA are Labor Days, Courtesy Visit to State-Owned Enterprise and Ministry of Manpower and Transmigration, Greenpreneurship Seminar, Gathering, Night Gathering, and Conducting Fun Sport.


Keluarga Mahasiswa Sosiologi (Sociology Students Colleague) is a place for students creativity and loyalty in Sociology Department. It has several departments such as Community Service, Human Resources Empowerment, Public Relation, Research and Scientific, Entrepreneurship, Sports and Traveling, Strategic Studies, also Arts and Culture.



Forum Musik Fisipol (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences Music Forum) is a place for students to express, create, and appreciate music with various perspectives.  Its members commonly joins this forum because they have the same hobby in music and the interest in event organizer activity. Up to now, it is actively holding the events and concerts which surely enliven the events held by the faculty.


It is the first students activity unit in Indonesia which acknowledged by the Embassy of Latin America. Its focus is to develop the studies area of Latin America and has four work program concentrations including research and development, culture and sports, public relation, and seminar.

The activities done by this unit are monthly internal discussion, research, Student Working Paper, SiPAL News Flash, Media Maintenance, A night with SiPAL, Latin America Night, watching a movie together, and Shortcourse Capoeira.



Jemaah Muslim Fisipol (Moslem's Pilgrims of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences) is a unit for moslem students to have discussion and sharing about the knowledge related to Islam. All the activities done by this forum is a kind of solidarity from each member to build a  closer relation. This unit has done various activities such as Forja (Forum Keluarga/Family Forum) to get close relation from each batch, Andaluisa (Kurban Idul Adha/Eid al-Adha Oblation), and Leadership Training which is done regularly.


Scandinavian Community is an epistemic community which tries to introduce an insight and issue about Scandinavian amongst academic community in Universitas Gadjah Mada. This community begins with the students' interest in learning issues about Scandinavian but it's still collided with the limited access or available information needed from other forums. To stabilize the community function, this unit conducted various discussions periodically accompanied by faculty's lecturers or guest lecturers who are expert in Scandinavian issues. In this process, all members have the information related to specific issues, such as social democracy and welfare state system which become the main characteristic of Scandinavian countries. Asides from discussions, its activities are movie screening, film studies, call for paper, Scandinavian Week, public lecture and Journal/Newsletters publishing.



Keluarga Mahasiswa Katolik (Catholic Students Colleague) is a catholic students community in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences and Saint Robert Bellarmine as its patron. This unit was established in 1980s. It has Presidium structure. As its name, this unit is not only a student organization but also a family with the slogan "For All Life Unto HIM", it means they live unto the Lord and whether they die, they die unto the Lord. As a family, this unit holds several activities annually to maintain togetherness, by doing a biweekly meeting on Friday called The Fridays, recreation, feast, charity, the youth Eucharist, Christmas and Easter Celebration.


It is an activity unit in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences focuses on middle east issues. Its focuses are not only about the politics and the government, but also the history and the culture in middle east. Its routine activities are biweekly regular discussion and movie screening  with various topics about middle east. Asides from discussion, it also has an output that is online journal and article, both scientific and popular, related to middle east which can be read in a blog


Persekutuan Mahasiswa Kristen (Christian Students Community) is a student activity with spirituality based for Protestant Students. It was established on September 29th, 1982. Up to now, this unit emphasizes its function and vision as a place to develop  spirituality and socialize fro protestant students. It has a direct membership which means all protestant students can be a part of the community. Its main activities are General Fellowship, Spiritual Night Gathering, and Newsletter Publishing, "Shallom".


It is one of press agencies in Faculty of Social and Political Science. There are several divisions in this agency, such as Editorial, Research and Development, also Enterprise and Design. This unit has done various activities such as movie discussion, a discussion of issues in Indonesia, and authorship training. The newest output from this unit is the publishing of Indicator in the middle of 2013. Indicator is a small magazine contained of inside and outside campus information. Other activities which are going to be held by this unit are essay competition and scientific paper.



It is a student activity unit which focuses on the east Asian issues studies, from social, cultural, economical, or security perspectives. Initiated in November 2008, a community which previously named Komunitas Kajian Asia Timur (East Asian Studies Community) played as a reviewer community for the issues related to east Asia  in various fields of International Relation Science. As the time goes by, this unit has developed with various focuses such as movie screening, research, scientific discussion, and cultural festival.


KPALH Setrajana of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada is an activity unit engaged in the environmental and nature lovers. It stands for Kelompok Pecinta Alam dan Lingkungan Hidup (Nature and Environmental Lovers Community), while Setrajana comes from Sanskrit. "Setra" means nature and "Jana" means child, thus Setrajana means the loving nature child. It was established in Yogyakarta on September 1st, 1992. Having a theme "Bumi adalah Emakku" (The earth is my mother), this unit aims to equalize the outdoor adventurous activity with the commitment towards nature.


It is a student activity unit in Faculty of Social and Political Sciences level which accommodates students interest and aptitude in sports. At the moment, this unit supervises 6 sport activities such as soccer and futsal, volleyball, basketball, table tennis, softball, and badminton. There are some achievements accomplished by the faculty's athlete, both in university and national levels.