Why Fisipol

Why you should choose FISIPOL UGM as the nest destination to study? What are the advantages owned by FISIPOL UGM which make it as the best university in Indonesia? The anwers can be found here.

The social learning is not only held in formal circumstance or anytime and anywhere we want to learn about social and political sciences, but it can also be unique. In FISIPOL UGM the students are directed to be able to become the people who are useful for their nations, broad-minded, conscience and compassion to their environment especially in the social life. Then why you should choose FISIPOL UGM?

1. Wide learning opportunities

More than 120 lecturers conduct the wide research in various regions, such as globalization, democratization, Political Islam, local politics and economic development, conflict resolution and peace development, human rights, industrial and organizational relation, social changes, welfare, region studies, pupulation, public policy, and other research areas. They also teach in class, share the experiences and research findings, and involve the students in the activities which combine teaching and research.

The students will also have the wide chances to join the students exhcange to the partnership universities abroad, field studies, and the internships which give useful and unique learning experiences.

There are various double degree and joint programs with several universities in Asia, Europe, and Australia provied and these programs will always be developed and expanded with more partners to come.

2. Supporting System Availability

To support the learning system this faculty, more facilities are sustainably constructed. The presence of library, technology and infomation system, and activities such as bridging course are applied. Various reference sources like e-book, online journals, also literature are provided as the ease supporting for students learning. Moreover, Academic Information System is built by the presence of academic portal, such as e-lisa, help-desk, paperless office, and facebook.

The students affairs of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences provide the supporting facilities for students skills development beyond the learning activities by giving them opportunities to create and join Student Activity Unit. Today there are various units provided to accomodate students interests and talents to be developed. Those units have given plenty contributions to students quality and faculty, such as conducting some events and obtaining many various achievements.

3. The best qualified graduates

Recroded since 2010 up to 2013, this faculty has been actively participated in various events and competitions either in national or international levels. The students participation can be in the form of students conference or international students exchange. The liveliness of the students in various activities outside the lecture leads them to become the excellent students both acacemically and non-academically. The graduates quality is undoubtedly and they are able to compete in the world of work with the skills they had.

4. Supporting career prospect

As it is explained before, with the best qualified graduates, its graduates have better career opportunity. It is because the students have been trained independently with excellent analytical skills and research knowledge. It is not only armed with the skills, the Career Development office also contributes in building good relation between the alumni and the graduates. It makes the career opportunity information is easily obtained, thus he graduates are able to compete in the world of work.

5. The Pioneer of social and political science studies in Indonesia

The institutional research in faculty and department level are developed to sustain the faculty’s vision and mission actualization as the international research faculty. FISIPOL UGM has been a pioneer of the presence of the social and political science studies center in Indonesia. Those studies centers are Pusat Kajian Kepemudaan (YOUSURE), ASEAN Studies Center (ASC), Center for Digital Society (CfDS), Sociology Research Center (SOREC), Digital Media and Comunication Research Center (DECODE), Research Centre For Politics and Government (POLGOV), Institute of International Studies (IIS), Social Protection and Decent Work Studies Centre (SECURE), Center For Policy and Management Studies (REFORMA), and Institute of Governance and Public Affairs (IGPA). The research and publication activities becomes the backbone of faculty’s development as the research faculty.