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FOCUS Platform as an Attempt to Increase Online Learning Quality

Yogyakarta, April 26th 2022─Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Social and Political Science (Fisipol) held a “Discussion and Fast Breaking Together” for six days starting from 18 April to 26 April 2022. The event was held in Fisipol UGM Mandiri Auditorium ...

Getting to Know Expressive Writing in Journaling Activities

Yogyakarta, April 24th 2022─Career Development Center (CDC) of FISIPOL UGM held a workshop entitled “Process Feeling with Journaling” on Sunday (24/4). The event, which took place through the Zoom platform, invited two speakers in the field of clinical psychologists, namely ...

‘Women Leadership Can Create a Healthier Organization’

Yogyakarta, April 18th 2022─The Department of Sociology, Social and Political Sciences UGM in collaboration with the Department of Women's Empowerment, Child Protection and Population Control DIY held the Second Series of Public Lectures on Women's Leadership and Social Transformation on ...


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