Digitalk#41 CfDS: Facebook’s Role in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic

Yogyakarta, 4 July 2020—UGM’s Center for Digital Society organized the forty-first Digitalk, together with Noudhy Valdryno—serving as Politics and Government Outreach for Facebook Indonesia and Asia Pacific—as the speaker, under the theme of “Facebook’s Role in the Era of COVID-19 Pandemic” (3/7). Noudhy explained that Facebook Indonesia stands on three main pillars, which include helping small-medium enterprises/SMEs, building communities, and supporting effective digital government. read more

First Episode of Centang Biru Kewirausahaan Sosial: From Ideas to Execution

Yogyakarta, 4 July 2020—Upon succeeding in organizing various entrepreneurship classes, Kewirausahaan Sosial UGM/UGM Social Entrepreneurship Program came up with a new series of classes titled Centang Biru–Cerita tentang Bisnis dan Insight Terbaru/Stories of Businesses and Fresh Insights. Similar with the previous Series of Social Entrepreneurship Courses, Centang Biru was also aired on Kewirausahaan Sosial UGM’s Youtube channel. In its first episode, Centang Biru invited Delta Purna Widyangga, CEO and co-founder of QISCUS, to speak under the theme of “From Ideas to Execution”. read more

Sharing Stories About Data Security in CfDS’s Oposit #5

Yogyakarta, July 1st 2020—Center for Digital Society (CfDS) at Gadjah Mada University Faculty of Social Science and Politic is back with another OPOSiT session – a discussion series that talks about the digital world. In this episode of OPOSiT, CfDS raised the topic of data security. This talk was open to everyone who wanted to join. For those who wants to talk or share their insights, they can ask the OPOSiT host to invite them to join the CfDS Instagram live stream.

In the beginning of the fifth OPOSiT, the host said hi to the viewers and asked the viewers where they came from and how they are doing. The host also briefly explained the topic that is going to be discussed; data security that is closely tied to stories about digital fraud. There is an interesting information that CfDS found while researching about this topic. Turns out, the actors of the digital fraud do their action by using psychological manipulation to the victims. read more

Women’s Vulnerability towards Information Disorder in Local Elections

Yogyakarta, 28 June 2020—Department of Communication Sciences Universitas Gadjah Mada organized a discussion titled Ngopi (Ngobrol Pagi) #3. Several women speakers were invited, including Dr. Ninik Rahayu, S. H., M. S. representing Ombudsman Republik Indonesia, Anita Wahid as the Presidium of Mafindo, and Novi Kurnia, Ph.D. as a lecturer in Department of Communication Sciences UGM. Highlighting women, hoax, and the 2020 local elections, the discussion examined the issue at hand very carefully and succeeded in providing fresh insights to the audience. Generally, the discussion underlined women’s vulnerability vis-à-vis information disorder taking place around the time of local elections. read more

#PapuanLivesMatter: Advocating Unresolved Issues of Papua

Yogyakarta, 27 June 2020—Virtual discussion Warung Politik organized by Korps Mahasiswa Politik dan Pemerintahan (Student Corps of Government and Political Science) FISIPOL UGM was successfully held under the theme of “We Are Papua, #PapuanLivesMatter (Racism and Suppression of Political Freedom)”. Present were Cahyo Pamungkas as a LIPI Researcher focusing on the research titled Roadmap 4 Masalah Papua, Tigor Hutapea as a representative of Yayasan PUSAKA Bentala Rakyat, Sayang Mandabayan as an ex-political prisoner as of September 2019, and Maximus Sedrik representing Aliansi Mahasiswa Papua. read more

Bincang Muda YouSure: Causes of and Solutions to Unhealthy Relationships During Pandemic

Yogyakarta, 27 June 2020—Youth Studies Centre (YouSure) FISIPOL UGM invited Isna Nur Fajria from the Department of Government and Political Sciences UGM and Ferdi Arifin from IMAOS ID as speakers in the Bincang Muda forum (26/06). IMAOS ID is a media which provides references on parenting and family financial management from scientific sources like books and journals. Both speakers discuss family relations amidst the pandemic, particularly newlyweds.

The COVID-19 pandemic obliged the people to limit physical interaction and spend time at home. Such confinement might affect ourselves and people in our surroundings, notably our family. The boredom and discomfort might spark conflicts and establish unhealthy relationships. read more

Understand the Citizenship and Netizenship in the Digital Activity Phenomenon in the Pandemic Period

Yogyakarta, June 26th 2020—The Department of Public Policy Management of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences of Universitas Gadjah Mada, held an event called ‘Bulaksumur Conference’ for the second time with the theme ‘Beyond the Pandemic: Reinventing Citizenship or Expanding Netizenship?’. This online conference presented three expert speakers, they were Ismail Fahmi (Media Social Expert from the Drone Emprit and the Founder of Kernels Media Indonesia), Dr. Subando Agus Maryono, M.Si. (the lecturer of Public Policy Management of FISIPOL UGM), and Dr. Dedy Permadi (the Expert Staff of Digital and Human Resource Development of Ministry of Communication and Informatics). read more

CfDS Digital Marketing Vol. 2: Website Optimization and Career Prospects

Yogyakarta, June 25th 2020 – Center for Digital Society (CfDS) FISIPOL UGM held a second session of Digital Marketing Learning Class in the Digital Discussion. Still brought a same topic as the first meeting—media optimization in digital marketing and its career prospects—this time the discussion focused on website. Moderated by Iradat Wirid, the project officer event and social media of CfDS, the discussion brought back Fauzi Ananta as the speaker. This discussion became the first discussion that was done by CfDS through Discord. It hoped that it could give a bigger chance to the audience to ask the speaker. read more

CDC Webinar: How to Impress HR Person and Win a Recruitment Process

Yogyakarta, June 25th 2020 – Career Development Center (CDC) Fisipol UGM held a webinar called ‘How to Impress HR Person and Win a Recruitment Process’ on Thursday (25/6). In this occasion, CDC cooperated with Nusa Talent, a platform where it could bring together the applicants and the companies who needed them. CDC presented Emmanuella Reika, the Senior Partnership and Event Specialist of Nusa Talent, as the speaker. It was moderated by Alfira, as the Capacity Development Officer of CDC Fisipol UGM. This discussion lasted from 01.00 p.m. to 03.00 p.m. on Google Meet with 63 audience. read more

BRIWORK X JOINMUN 2020: Do International Relation Graduates Have To Be Diplomats?

Yogyakarta, June 22nd 2020 – Gadjah Mada University’s FISIPOL BRIWORK cooperated with Jogja International MUN (JOINMUN) 2020 in holding the #BRIWORKThinkTogether discussion titled “International Relations = Diplomat?” through the Google Meet platform. This discussion invited three International Relations Department student batch 2018 who also represented JOINMUN 2020; Dhania Salsa as a moderator, as well as Christophorus Ariobumi and Fransiskus Gabriel as the speakers.

Right at 2 pm, the moderator said that the discussion will start as soon as participants enter the Google Meet room. Around 2.10 pm, the moderator opened the discussion by introducing herself and asking where the participants came from. It turns out that the participants came from many regions, there are even those outside of the Java island. The moderator then explained a bit about the discussion topic and she also introduced the other two speakers. read more