Talk Show on WhatsApp Group and Digital Literacy of Indonesian Women Result

Yogyakarta, March 16th 2020—The college lecturer of Communication Science Program which is also a researcher and writer of “WhatsApp Group and Digital Literacy among Indonesian Women” book held a talk show and book launch on the second floor of Fisipol Digital Library of Gadjah Mada University. Zainuddin Muda (usually called Zam) was the moderator who opened the show on 13.30 WIB. It was then followed by a briefing from six researcher representatives; Novi Kurnia, Rahayu, Engelbertus Wendratama, Wisnu Martha, Wisnu Prasetya, and Zam as an assistant researcher. read more

Looking at the Role of Identities in International Studies through Suryakanta: Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of World Order

Yogyakarta, 13 March 2020 – Institute of International Studies that belongs to the Department of International Relations, held the Suryakanta event again this year. Suryakanta is a bookclub that supported by IIS to understand the international relations issues through books. The first meeting of Suryakanta in this year was cooperated with International Relations Student Corps (KOMAHI) and discussed about the ‘Clash of Civilizations and Remaking of World Order’ thesis by Samuel P. Huntington. This meeting took place in the room BA-503, in the IIS meeting room to be exact, and was started at 01.15 p.m. read more

Developing Indonesia through Social Entrepreneurship with Billy Mambrasar

Yogyakarta, 13 March 2020 – Department of Politics and Government supported by Innovation and Academic Research Center Universitas Gadjah Mada held a public lecture Social Entrepreneurship called “Inspirative Class: Financial Tips, Business, and Industry for Millenials”. The public lecture took place in Mandiri Auditorium 4th floor Fisipol UGM, the event was supposed to bring in two presidential expert staffs, Putri Tanjung and Gracia Billy Mambrasar. But, on the D-day, Putri Tanjung unable to attend the event because of illness and replaced by Adityo Hidayat, President Director of PT Gamatechno Indonesia. read more

In Collaboration with the Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs,  Fisipol Conduct Public Discussion on Omnibus Law

Yogyakarta, March 12, 2020 – Omnibus Bill on Job Creation that reaps public controversy, examined in depth by Faculty of Social and Political Science UGM (Fisipol UGM) with the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy through public discussion occurred in the Auditorium BB Building 4th floor. Arif Budimanta, Special Staff of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, conveyed the urgency of the Job Creation Bill based on the demographic structure. “There is a demographic bonus which we must take because the short limit of time, comparable to South Korea and Japan,” said Arif. read more

Demand for Critical Efforts in Responding Religious Issues in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, March 12th, 2020— Taking place in the East Seminar Room (Ruang Seminar Timur), a discussion and launch of Prisma Journal entitled “Reducing Religion and State Tensions” (“Meredam Ketegangan Agama dan Negara”). The event handled by a collaboration of three parties, specifically: Center for Religious and Cross-cultural Studies (CRCS) UGM Postgraduate, Prisma Journal, and Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM. Besides the discussion and the journal launching, there was also a film screening “Beta Mau Jumpa” by Watchdoc Documentary. Panellists of this event include Robert W. Hefner, Boston University; Samsul Maarif, CRCS UGM; Elga Sarapung, Director for Interfaith Dialogue in Indonesia; and Frans Agustinus Jalong, Center for Security and Peace Studies (Pusat Studi Keamanan dan Perdamaian/PSKP) UGM. read more

DigiTalk #38: Together Preventing Psychological Manipulation (Magis) and Protecting Personal Data Security in Digital Era

Yogyakarta, 12 March—Center for Digital Society (CfDS) cooperated with Gojek, Commission I of House of People’s Representatives of Republic Indonesia, and Ministry of Communication and Information Technology Indonesia in the event called Digitalk #38 on Thursday (12/3). This time, DigiTalk’s topic talked about the prevention of psychological manipulation and other crimes in digital world that arose along with the rise of digital services in Indonesia.

Aditya Hidayat as the Adjunct Researcher of CfDS explained that psychological manipulation (Magis) is a fraud with social engineering technique in digital era which exploited the psychological side of their service users. The main key of Magis itself is to accomplish certain emotional condition so that users are encouraged to do something or get fooled. One of Magis’s forms is personal identity theft by irresponsible people. read more

How “Women Have Stories” Film is Relevant in our Current Condition

Yogyakarta, March 11th 2020 – Last Wednesday, The Student Board of Gadjah Mada University’s Faculty of Social and Political science held a public discussion. This forum used the “Perempuan Punya Cerita” movie (eng: Women Have Stories) to start a discussion about the problems in Indonesian female life.  This movie is a compilation of four short stories – Island Story, Yogyakarta Story, Cibinong Story, and Jakarta Story – which narrates different issues related to women’s life.

Due to a time limitation, the movie screening only showed the Yogyakarta Story segment. The movie screening was then followed by a discussion held in the BRI Work Amphitheatre from 16.00 to 18.00 pm. The speaker in this event were Mrs. Pola Setiahati from Yogyakarta UPT P2TP2A, Mr. Ramadhani Thareq Kemal Pasha from Planned Parenthood, and Ms. Anggun from Women’s March. read more

Dipcool #1: Closer Look on Adam Smith’s Philosophy

Yogyakarta, March 10th 2020 – Dema Fisipol UGM Kabinet Basudara (Fisipol UGM Student Council Basudara’s Cabinet) held Dipcool #1 or the first series of Dema Fisipol School with discussing over Adam Smith’s Social-Political and Economic Philosophy on March 10, 2020, at 15.30. Discussion with the speaker Drs Muhadi Sugiono, M.A., as a lecturer in International Relations and Fadhil Haidar as the moderator, was held in the room 203 of BA building in Faculty of Social and Political Science UGM. The discussion attended by approximately 15 people from various departments in Fisipol UGM. Despite the little amount of audience, the forum took place smoothly and lively. read more

Women’s Domestication_ Demand or Choice

Yogyakarta, 5 March 2020—Organization of Humanity FISIPOL UGM held its first discussion and film screening Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982 with the topic, “Women’s Domestication in Modern Era, Is That Relevant?”. The film, Kim Ji-Young: Born 1982, represents how patriarchy is still ingrained in the marriage life. The main female character in this film portrays how she views her role as the housewife in the family which makes her suffers from severe depression. Not only that, this film also portrays the demands and obstacles of the working women. Overall, all of the problems is packed very neatly in this 1 hour and 58 minutes film, so it may encourage women to speak up regarding gender inequality in their lives. read more

The Embodiment of Capacity Building Training_ CDC Held A Spanish Language Class

Yogyakarta, 5 March 2020—The progress of Career Development Center, also known as CDC, within the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences can be said that it has been able to help the students to improve their capacity development. As one of the capacity development institution which located in the campus, CDC always tries to arrange programs that correspond to the interests and talents of the Fisipol students. This was also stated by the Head of Development and Capacity Division CDC, Alifia Nuarifia, that the programs that will and are still being held by the CDC are the result of the Fisipol students’ participation. By giving a survey related to the program that interesting for the students, CDC will do a crosscheck and arrange the programs that will represent the interests of the students. read more