Ngabuburit Ramadhan at FISIPOL: Planning on Self-Development Through The Rules of Knowing Yourself

Yogyakarta, May 14th, 2020— Ramadan at FISIPOL (RDF) organized by the Muslim Community of FISIPOL (JMF) UGM held a discussion entitled “Individual Development Plan” with Isnan Hidayat from which talked the “The Rules of Knowing Yourself” online through WhatsApp group chat

The first rule starts with “Comparing will only be an ingratitude”. Isnan furtherly explained that if someone changes because of comparing themselves with others, external motivation will emerge, they only do something to get what others have. “It looks like our performance got better, but it risks making us trapped in feelings of hasad (envy or jealousy) that ultimately makes us never be grateful for the favours we get,” added Isnan. read more

Exploring Fisipol on #UGMUpdate Faculty Talk

Yogyakarta, May 14th 2020 – UGM Update #Dirumahaja came back through YouTube channel, Instagram, and Facebook. Moderated by Iva Ariani, the PR of UGM, this episode entitled “Faculty Talk of Faculty of Law, Faculty of Social and Political Sciences, and Faculty of Philosophy”. This first episode of Faculty Talk presented three speakers from the three different faculties. They were the representatives of each faculties, Dahliana Hasan, S.H., M.Tax., Ph.D., the Vice Dean of Faculty of Law; Dr. Wawan Mas’udi, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Social and Political Sciences; and Dr. Rr. Siti Murtiningsih, the Vice Dean of Faculty of Philosophy. read more

Easy Tips to Manage Itinerary from Mobile Phone

Yogyakarta, May 14th 2020 – Center for Digital Society or CfDS Fisipol UGM held a program known as Digital Discussion #20 on Thursday (14/5). This online discussion that has been held through WhatsApp Group brought a theme, “Holiday after Pandemic! Easy Tips to Manage Itinerary from Mobile Phone” and presented Ruth Tarullyna S. as the Event and SocMed Staff of CfDS as the discussion starter. The discussion was started at 03.00 p.m and was moderated by Made Bayu Agus Sudharma, Event Assistant of CfDS. read more

Exposure Talks #3: Internship at Indonesia Republic Embassy at Bangkok

Yogyakarta, 13 Mei 2020ㅡGlobal Engagement Office (GEO) of Fisipol UGM is back again with the third episode of Exposure Talks. In this third episode, the Exposure Talks is quite different compared to the previous episodes. In this episode, Exposure Talk discussed the topic of internships abroad by having Arifiana T.P Warchani, a last year UGM Law Student, as the speaker. Last year, Arifiana – or commonly called as Tata – had the opportunity to have an internship in the Indonesia Republic Embassy in Bangkok. The discussion titled “Internship at the Embassy” started at 3 pm through Whatsapp group. read more

Oposit #2: Does Social Media Bring Positive or Negative Impacts?

Yogyakarta, May 13th 2020-  FISIPOL UGM’s Center for Digital Society (CfDS) held a discussion session about the digital world. The discussion was streamed through the Instagram live feature on 4 pm to 5 pm. It was presented by Noel. In this opportunity, the topic was “The Social Media Now: Does it Bring Positive or Negative Effect?”, this event was open for everyone.

The event garnered a pretty big interest amongst Instagram audiences. The audiences gave also gave their opinion about the topic discussed, which was about social media. There were four people that joined CfDS’s live Instagram; Danis Fahreza, Gehang Ghofari, Anaqduanaiko, dan Arindaputri. read more

Digitalk #40: Get to Know the Differences between Start-Up and Corporation before Applying for Work

Yogyakarta, May 12th, 2020– Center for Digital Society or CfDS Fisipol UGM held the Digitalk #40 program by collaborating with CODEX on Tuesday (5/12). The theme brought upon this occasion was “Digital Talent Preparation 101” presented by Hiroko Amanda, Chief of Employer Branding and Talent Management of CODEX powered by Telkom Indonesia. Through the Zoom Meeting Room and YouTube’s Live Broadcast Platform, the discussion started at 15.00 WIB moderated by Firya Qurratu’ain, CfDS Partnership Associate. read more

CDC Fisipol Live Session: ‘Knowing Yourself’ Career Education Session

Yogyakarta, May 11st 2020—FISIPOL’s Career Development Center (CDC) held a live session titled ‘Career Education: Knowing Yourself’ on Monday (11/5). This session was presented by Dina Wahida, M.Psi – CDC’s psychologist. CDC realized the importance of knowing ourselves in the journey of our career development. Hence, CDC believes that this session is a worthwhile investment of everyone’s time. The live session was streamed through @cdcfisipolugm Instagram account at 4 pm, and it has become a routine agenda every Monday and Friday. read more

Difussion #23 – Digital Preaching: A Way to Spread Peacefulness

Yogyakarta, May 8th 2020 – Center for Digital Society (CfDS) held another digital future discussion (DIFUSSION) #23 with the title Digital Preaching: A New Way to Spread Peacefulness. In this occasion, CfDS presented two speakers, they were Nafilah Safitri from AIS Nusantara and Yohanes Tri Atmaja, CEO of The Messenjah. This event was moderated by Fedryno Geza Ramadha, the Social Media Manager Event of CfDS. This discussion was aired through YouTube Live Streaming, from 03.00 p.m. until 04.30 p.m. read more

CDC FISIPOL Film Discussion Webinar: Uncovering Meaning and Symbol in ‘Parasite’ Movie

Yogyakarta, May 8th 2020 – The ‘Parasite’ movie mustn’t be unfamiliar again for us. The thriller/comedy film was directed by Bong Joon-ho who just received four awards at Oscar. Still with his trademark, director Bong Joon-ho slipped messages full of social criticism into his film through symbols. In order to discuss messages and symbols in ‘Parasite’ movie, Career Development Center or CDC FISIPOL UGM held a film discussion webinar titled “Uncovering Meaning and Symbol in ‘Parasite’ Movie” with Mashita Fandia, lecturer in the Department of Communication Science UGM. read more

#Dirumahajatalks: Looking at the Development of Technology and Education in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, May 8th 2020 – Block71 and together with Creative Hub Fisipol UGM held the second #Dirumahajatalks for Charity in Friday (8/5). #Dirumahajatalks for Charity is an agenda to support a program called Against COVID-19 Together (Bersama Kita Lawan COVID-19) with the open donation on The total sum of funds will be donated to the medics personnel and communities that affected by COVID-19. This time the topic was How Technology is Shaping the Future of Education, the series of #ngabuburitditemenin class which took place on May, 7th – 12th 2020. In this second class, the speaker was Ahmad Faiz Sahupala, the co-founder and CEO of Eduka System and moderated by Titus, Talent Pitching Creative Hub Fisipol UGM Batch 3. read more