Cheryl Kanza, the Communication Studies Student Who Got the KMI Award 2022

Yogyakarta, December 5th 2022An UGM Communication Studies student, Cheryl Kanza Athallia Wibowo got second prize in KMI Award 2022 in the Service and Trade category held by East Java UPN Veteran. Indonesia Student Entrepreneurship or the KMI Award is an appreciation and awarding event held by the  Directorate General of Higher Education Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia to students who did the Entrepreneurship Training Program (P2MW) and Students Digital Entrepreneurship Innovation (IWDM). 

The business invented by Cheryl is called the “Passion Bubble” (IG, which is an education platform that provides mentoring and self-development aimed to help Indonesian students find their passion and potential.

“The goal that Passion Bubble wants to reach is to help Indonesian students maximize their potential in the sectors they are passionate about by giving them access to various tutors and mentors, competitions, conferences, and scholarship information,” Cheryl said. 

Passion Bubble offers many interesting programs for Indonesian students in their university years or to self-develop. For now, Cheryl said, the programs offered are PB Mentoring Class, Passion Hunter Scholarship, PB Competitions, PB Talks or Webinars, and Open Recruitment Volunteer. 

Having won second place in the national KMI Award, Cheryl gave her appreciation to Bubblers–the term she gave for the followers and team of Passion Bubble–and she hoped that the achievement she got can inspire Bubblers to further develop Passion Bubble. 

“Of course, I feel honored and proud, because when Passion Bubble received the KMI Award, we can get recognition and a track record that our business has run well and will develop more in the future,” Cheryl said.

The preparation to participate in the KMI Award has started since November 2021 when Passion Bubble was founded. After running for five months, Cheryl mustered up the courage to go through an internal selection at the university level to become the P2MW delegation in May 2022. In the process, Passion Bubble held various classes and collaborated with various people until they passed the monitoring and evaluation round. 

Cheryl added that the Passion Bubble is meant to increase the quality of Indonesia’s youth because she believes that the future of the country lies in its youths, and Passion Bubble is committed to helping the success of students in Indonesia.