Launching of Dental and Oral Health Services (GILUT) Wellness Center Fisipol UGM

Yogyakarta, February 14th 2023─Coinciding with three years of its inauguration, the Wellness Center of FISIPOL UGM in collaboration with the Faculty of Dentistry (FKG) UGM and the Academic Hospital (RSA) of UGM, held a health talk show for the UGM Fisipol academic community in the framework of the Launching of Dental and Oral Health Services (GILUT) on Tuesday morning (14/1), at the Posbindu Building of FISIPOL UGM.

The series of activities were opened with a dental and oral health check by the UGM FKG medical team, as well as a free basic health check by the UGM RSA medical team. Then, there were two talk show sessions, namely the theme “Dental Health and Work Productivity” hosted by drg. Suryono as the Dean of FKG UGM and the theme “Mental Health and Work Productivity” presented by dr. Tika Prasetiawati as a Mental Health Specialist at RSA UGM.

Dean of Fisipol UGM, Wawan Mas’udi, explained that this re-launch could be a milestone for UGM to provide a health service scheme and system that is not only basic but more advanced. In addition, this is one of the contributions in particular to dental health services within the framework of the 2030 Caries Free Indonesia Program which has been launched by the Ministry of Health.

“This is one of our joint efforts, especially in FISIPOL in collaboration with FKG and RSA to from time to time further improve a work environment that is comfortable and provides attention to all its citizens,” said Wawan.

To support a healthy campus or health promoting university as the commitment of UGM to the health of the entire academic community, FISIPOL UGM through the Wellness Center also continues to develop, namely by re-launching dental and oral health services. drg. Suryono in his session explained that healthy teeth are an important part of being happy so that they can increase productivity at work

“So, it’s important to eat fibrous foods, of course after eating as much as possible you should brush your teeth and avoid eating sweet and sticky foods, because germs like them, so that the environment becomes acidic and then demineralizes the hard tissue of the teeth which causes cavities,” said Suryono.

Meanwhile, what is no less important and is of particular concern to UGM is related to mental health. The criteria for mental health according to the World Health Organization (WHO) are realizing one’s own abilities by knowing one’s potential and weaknesses so that later it will increase productivity. Meanwhile, people who have a mental disorder tend not to be able to see that they have potential because they only focus on their weaknesses. In addition, people who are mentally healthy are also able to cope with the pressures of life, work productively, and contribute to society.

Tika revealed, if one of the criteria was not there, it could be that the person had a psychiatric problem and if it was not resolved properly then he could experience a psychiatric disorder.

“People who are anxious to leave the house are nervous, short of breath, and cold sweat. Or people who are depressed cannot concentrate, the body is often tired, or their mood affects them, so productivity will decrease,” said Tika.