PPSMB Society 2022: Succeeding New Students Learning Through Awareness, Collaboration, and Exploration

Yogyakarta, August 4th 2022Pelatihan Pembelajar Sukses Mahasiswa Baru (PPSMB), or the new students orientation at the faculty level has been held from August 3rd to 4th 2022. More than 600 new students have participated in the PPSMB Society organized by Fisipol UGM as one of the PPSMB UGM series.

With the title “Youth of Dawn: First Light of People”, PPSMB Society is expected to guide the new students in forming them to become a person who cares about the social and political environment. “This big theme is motivated by the position of students as part of a society capable of making changes by adhering to three basic values, namely awareness, collaboration, and exploration,” said Waren Geraldi as the General Coordinator of PPSMB Society 2022. According to Waren, PPSMB Society is one of the important stages for new students before they officially study on campus.

One of the PPSMB Society’s series of events, which was the talk show, also presented a speaker from the Ministry of Communication and Information, Dedy Permadi, Ph.D., in delivering material related to the digitalization of today’s communications. The talk show which was moderated by two alumni of the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences UGM, Joko Susilo and Coory Yohana Pakpahan, managed to pack solid material, making it light and easy for new students to understand. “In my opinion, Fisipol is a safe space for anyone who wants to speak. Fisipol provides an opportunity to meet many people with different perspectives, so we know that our understanding is not the only one that is correct,” Coory explained in her discussion.

On the second day, new students carried out real actions in the form of demonstration simulations by bringing several demands. Selected participants were given a stage to make speeches in front of other students. This activity is the highlight of the event as well as a form of elaboration of student values at Fisipol.

Even though it was carried out in a hybrid method, the new students seemed enthusiastic about participating in a series of events on the first and second days. “It is important for new students to understand about taking sides and what is required, not just speaking out,” said the Coordinator of the PPSMB Society 2022 Cluster, Jusuf Ariz Wahyuono, S.IP., M.A.