Socialization of Research Grants, Publications, and Community Service of FISIPOL UGM in 2023

Yogyakarta, January 31st 2023─The Research, Publication and Community Service Unit (UP3M) of Gadjah Mada University has held an online socialization of “2023 UGM FISIPOL Research, Publication, and Community Service Grants” via Zoom Meeting (31/1). This activity was attended by UP3M representatives, Wahyu Kustiningsih, FISIPOL UGM lecturers, and undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students of FISIPOL UGM. This socialization was carried out to provide an overview regarding the 2023 FISIPOL research grant. 

This annual FISIPOL agenda is back with changes adjusted from the results of previous grant evaluations and in accordance with the development of targets for future research, publication and community development. Grants are given to the academic community of FISIPOL UGM who meet the requirements and are declared to have passed as grant recipient teams or individuals in 2023.

This year, the grant scheme is divided into 5 (five) categories as follows:

  1. Collaborative Research (Groups) consisting of international research and Triple Helix;
  2. Research and Publication Incentives for lecturers that are universal seed funding (individuals);
  3. Downstream Research Output: Policy Advocacy and Community Service;
  4. Undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students; and
  5. Student Group Preparation for Student Creativity Week (PKM).

“For undergraduate, postgraduate, and doctoral students, the emphasis is on those who are working on final assignments such as theses, theses, and dissertations. So this grant aims to support the process of completing the final assignment,” Wahyu explained. As for the Student Creativity Week (PKM) Preparatory Student Group grants, it is intended for active students who still have course credits, and are not currently taking thesis credits and KKN.

The deadline or timeline provided for each grant varies for each categorization. This is to reduce the risk of trouble in the grant portal, especially during crucial times such as submitting proposals, progress reports, or final reports. Wahyu explained that all grant activities were carried out through the portal, so there were no more submissions via email.

Wahyu also appealed to prospective grant recipients to download the guidebook on the portal to understand the terms and further explanation according to the grant categorization.

“All information about FISIPOL research grants can be accessed through the website,” explained Wahyu.