The Jagatara Team Won Retorikalbis 2023 for Their Safe Driving Campaign

Yogyakarta, January 24th 2023─Fisipol UGM’s Jagatara Team won second place in the Retorikalbis 2023 PR Campaign competition on Wednesday (11/1). The team was led by Kamila Rahmatul with Joanna C Banjarnahor and Reksan Ridho as the members. The three of them are students of the Communication Studies Department.

The competition that was held online by Kalbis Institute and Astra Honda Motor Institute was held from November 2022 until January with the theme of “Gen Z: Ride for Life”. In the competition, the Jagratara team centered its proposal around the concept of safe driving with “Ride Freely Ride Safety” as the title of the campaign. “The campaign that we are trying to mount is aimed to educate and increase Gen Z’s awareness that they can ride freely, but they need to ensure their safety,” Joanna said. In their campaign proposal, the Jagratara team offered several campaign tactics that included roadshows to schools and universities in Jogja, the production of web series content, as well as optimization of social media. 

All three members of the group are interested in joining the competition because they felt that by joining a competition, you can increase your knowledge and hone your skills. “Increasing our experience in critical thinking can be done by creating a campaign,” Kamila said. However, the process of joining the competition isn’t without its roadblocks and stumbles. Three of the members resided in different locations, so coordination can only be done online. This was complicated by the fact that all three have different, packed schedules. They didn’t even get the chance to consult with their lecturers. However, they managed to overcome those hurdles. 

The win was also the product of good teamwork. “I was very pleased to be able to work with Je (Reksan) and Joanna. They were very responsive and helpful,” Kamila said. Reksan also felt supported by his teammates. “Kamila and Joanna were very patient and supportive towards me throughout the competition,” he said. The great teamwork led them to victory which became a sweet ending for all three members who were in the last year of their university.