The Urgency of Mainstreaming Circular Economy in PPSMB Society 2023

Yogyakarta, May 21st 2023─Welcoming the new students orientation of PPSMB Society 2023, a group of students held a discussion with the faculty and PPSMB organizers. The discussion which took place at Digilib FISIPOL on Monday (22/5) aims to accommodate student aspirations regarding the importance of raising the circular economy as the general theme of PPSMB Society 2023. The presentation was delivered by four students from the Department of International Relations (DIHI), namely Alexandra Sonya Ar Minta, Nadia Aulia Putri, Oki Afana Ashari, and Rei Karis Larasati. This discussion was also attended by the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Poppy Sulistyaning Winanti; Coordinator of the PPSMB Society 2023, Elok Santi Jesica, S.Pd., M.A.; and the Chief Executive of PPSMB Society 2023, Rizky Putra.

“PPSMB has the capability to introduce policies that are oriented towards achieving sustainable development, namely a circular economy,” said Rei. Making the circular economy as the main theme of the PSMB Society is considered important because the principles of sustainability have not yet been integrated into student activities and the preparations behind them. Sonya, Nadia, and Oki also agreed that PPSMB is a strategic place to incorporate circular economy principles in an intimate and sustainable manner.

Even so, the selection of the main theme of PPSMB requires consideration that is adjusted to the current conditions and needs of FISIPOL students. Mental health, for example, is an issue that is being seriously scrutinized by universities and faculties. “Even though it is not the main theme, [the circular economy] can become the underlying norm that can be introduced to students,” said Poppy. According to Poppy, PPSMB is actually just one of the channels for circular economy mainstreaming. She added that circular economy modules can be included in certified classes at the FISIPOL Online Campus (FOCUS).

In line with Poppy, Elok also mentioned that the circular economy could still be included in PPSMB, even without making it the main theme. “I see that some points of the circular economy can be applied without making it the main theme,” she said. Elok hopes that the many existing issues can work together to support each other, not compete with one another.

Responding to this aspiration, Rizky said that making the circular economy the main theme was indeed difficult and not quite right. However, he agreed that this topic is important and can be used as a supporting module in the PPSMB Society. “This sensitivity [circular economy] can later be considered as one of the assignments for new students,” he concluded.