Three FISIPOL UGM Students Win in the 35th PIMNAS

Yogyakarta, December 8th 2022─Three FISIPOL UGM students won the 35th National Student Scientific Week (PIMNAS) which took place at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang. The students are Ubaidillah Hanif (Department of Politics and Government 2020), Kartika Situmorang (Sociology 2019), and Fariz Azhami Ahmad (Sociology 2020). The three of them won in the category of Humanities Social Research Student Creativity Week (PKM-RSH).

Ubaidillah or usually called Ubed, along with three other team members, succeeded in winning 1st place in the Presentation Class and 1st place in the Poster Class. They researched on “Counter-Hegemony of Bale Bayan Local Wisdom in Reducing Earthquake Risk in the Midst of Development Modernization Hegemony”.

“Our research examines the efforts of the indigenous people of the Sasak Bayan tribe, which is the original tribe of North Lombok, in reaffirming the existence of the Bale Bayan local wisdom or their original traditional house,” said Ubed.

The research was motivated by the earthquake in Lombok in 2018 which destroyed houses built with modern concepts, but none of the traditional houses collapsed. However, the government actually provided assistance in the reconstruction program by rebuilding the modern house. This makes the existence of Bale Bayan’s local wisdom threatened, thus triggering a counter-hegemony in the form of a rejection response from the Sasak Bayan indigenous people.

Meanwhile, Fariz and four other team members won 3rd place in the Poster Class with the research title “Examining the Rumongso Melu Handarbeni Philosophy of Abdi Dalem Karaton Ngayogyakarta Hadiningrat towards Loyalty in Work Relations”.

This research attempts to examine the loyalty of “courtiers” who have a small salary but remain loyal to the Sultan and D.I. Yogyakarta. It was found that they did not only expect materialistic things but also prioritized things related to spiritualism, where they had had enough of the so-called “blessings”.

“In fact, their basic salary is actually only two to fifty thousand per month. Yes, even though now there is an additional salary equivalent to the minimum wages of D.I. Yogyakarta, which drops about once every 3-4 months,” said Fariz.

Meanwhile, Kartika and four other team members won 3rd place in Presentation Class. They researched about “Arat Sabulungan: Exploration of the Concept of Managing Climate Change and Consumption of Sustainable Resources in the Mentawai Tribe Society”.

Arat Sabulungan is a belief system native to the Mentawai Tribe which teaches the balance of the physical and non-physical worlds with the practice of protecting nature. The word “Arat” means custom, and “Sabulungan” comes from the word ‘bulung’ which means leaf. Arat Sabulungan is used as a philosophy of life that has been passed down from generation to generation. This research seeks to examine whether Arat Sabulungan’s teachings have accommodated the concept of sustainable development.

“This research sees that Arat Sabulungan is in line with the mission of SDGs point 12 which is related to the careful and sufficient use of natural resources, not using excessive chemicals, and a lifestyle that is in harmony with nature. And also SDGs point 13 which is related to environmental conservation efforts,” said Kartika.