IUP Communication


By addressing the global challenge to be internationally reputed program, the International Undergraduate Program in Department of Communication Science has the vision to create the reliable, qualified, and cultured graduates in communication studies, who can prioritize the societal needs to take on the global challenge of providing the benefit to the public through ‘Crafting Well-Informed Society’.

Why Study Communications with Us?

Indonesian Media Landscape

  • Digital media and social media trend

Indonesia has the biggest active media social users in Southeast Asia, with 130 million on Facebook and 50 million on Instagram (Wearesocial, 2018)

  • Political communication and media phenomenon

Indonesia is the most democratic country in the Southeast Asia region, which leads to more freedom of the press and more dynamics to its political environment.

  • The rise of Indonesia’s creative industries

4 out of 7 Unicorn start-ups are operating in Indonesia, which offered rich studies about contemporary digital media.

Communication and Culture

Various culture (300 ethnic groups, precisely 1,340 tribes, and over a thousand local languages)

Communication studies atmosphere in Yogyakarta

  • There are numbers of communities with various concern from broad ranges of focus of interest, such as film community, music community, art and performance community, digital start-up community.
  • Numbers of start-up in creative media industry establishes in Yogyakarta such as, Hipwee, Tirto, Mojok, Gameloft Indonesia, and Brillio.
  • Yogyakarta is known as centers of education city, whereas many students from around Indonesia came and study in Yogyakarta. This makes Yogyakarta as the melting pot of Indonesia, where it offers the student a better study atmosphere.


  • What will you learn?

The students are expected to graduate with the expertise that balances between practical, research, and critical thinking skills. All students are subjected to classes that will expose them to fundamental communication theories before they undertake two areas of interest that are offered by the program. The two areas of interest offered by International Undergraduate Program in Communications, effective for students from 2019 intake onward are

1. Media Studies

Media Studies is designed to explore issues and theories in the realms of international media and communication studies. Students who choose this focus of study will be exposed to both media practice such as cinematography and journalism, and media theories. Additionally, in this study focus, students will also learn and observe digital media both as a communication phenomenon and a tool.

2. Strategic Communication

Through Strategic Communication, students will focus their study into the science of employing marketing communication and the theories, principles, and tools of public relations. The field of study encompasses all elements of the Marketing Communication industry and the roles of PR in various situation.


Learning Outcomes

The objective is to produce graduates whose critical, creative, ethical and international reputed that allow them to be global communication practitioners in the information society era. The detailed objectives are explained as follows:

  1. To create virtuous graduates who are able to develop and implement human values relevant to the educational vision, mission, and objectives of Universitas Gadjah Mada as part of the global community
  2. To produce graduates who are sensitive and critical towards communication phenomenon that able to produce scientific and creative work in the field of communications in which capable of driving the nation’s progress toward well-informed society.
  3. To produce graduates who are responsive and adaptive to the communication dynamics and the development of global communication technology.
  4. To create graduates who are not only part of the global community but also agents of change for the good of the global community.


Admission Timeline


First Intake
Application Submission : 28 January – 20 February 2019
Admission Test : 23 -24 February 2019
Result Notification : 1 March 2019



Second Intake
Application Submission : 8 April – 1 May 2019
Admission Test : 4 – 5 May 2019
Result Notification : 10 May 2019



Third Intake
Application Submission : 29 May- 25 June 2019
Admission Test : 6 – 7 July 2019
Result Notification : 12 July 2019


  • Admission Procedures
    1. Sign up for an application account at um.ugm.ac.id
    2. Complete the online application form and upload the following documents
    3. Pay a non-refundable application fee: Rp. 1.500.000 via Multi Payment System of Bank Mandiri, BNI. BRI, BSM, or BTN.
    4. Print the application form and bring it during the test.
    5. Admission Card can be printed three (3) days before the admission test date.


Dokumen-dokumen yang akan diupload pada saat pendaftaran online:


For Applicants who graduated in 2017 and 2018 Untuk  pendaftar yang akan lulus di tahun 2019 Format


Colored photograph with white background Colored photograph with white background JPG
High school graduation certificate or SAT/A-Level/International             Baccalaureate High School academic report from grade 10 to 11 and the first semester of grade 12  






High School academic report from grade 10 to 12


ID Card (SIM/KTP/Passport/Student Card)
National Examination Final Score Transcript (SKHUN)


Certificate of National or International awards in academic/non-academic (if any)






ID Card (SIM/KTP/Passport/Student Card
Certificate of National or International awards in academic/non-academic (if any)
All file documents are minimum 150 KB and maximum 200 KB



  • Admission test


Day Time Kind of Test Material
First Day 07.00 – 09.00 Gadjah Mada Scholastic Test (GMST) Verbal, Quantitative, Reasoning
09.30 – 11.30 Academic English Proficiency Test (ACEPT) Listening, Structure, Reading
Second Day 10.00 – end Interview Only for those who pass the GMST and ACEPT


The tuition fee for this program:

IDR 25.000.000/semester (For National Students)*

IDR 35.000.000/semester  (For International Students)*

* The tuition fee not included the funding for studying overseas for one semester.



  • CurriculumOverview

The curriculum of the International Undergraduate Program (IUP) in Communication Science Universitas Gadjah Mada is designed, arranged, and directed to equip students to become young communication researchers and skilled undergraduates to anticipate the needs of communication professional industry. This program also offers a wide variety of learning approaches and innovations including full delivery in English, student-centered and research-based learning, experiential learning, international exposure activities, and career development advisory. All the course content will be delivered in four-years consist of 144 credit points in 8 semesters. In the final-years, thesis writing is compulsory to be submitted in order to be graduated from this program.

  • Courses List
  • International Exposure