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Soprema 2019 Strengthens UGM’s Role as a Social Entrepreneurship Campus

Yogyakarta, 12 November 2019—Soprema 2019 was officially inaugurated on Tuesday (12/11). Exhibition booths, chairs and a main stage filled the West Hall of Fisipol for this event. Soprema is short for Sociopreneur Muda Indonesia (Young Sociopreneurs of Indonesia). This year, ...

AWS, an Innovation in Big Data That Will Benefit Everyone

Yogyakarta, 8 November 2019—“Several Indonesian unicorns trust us to keep their data,” as stated by Gunawan Susanto in Fisipol’s Big Data Lab. He was referring to Amazon Web Services (AWS). AWS is a service that provides cloud computing for businesses. ...

The Use of Cloud Computing in Startups

Yogyakarta, 8 November 2019—Not everybody is familiar with cloud computing. Cloud computing is often associated with storage, networks, computing and database. According to Gunawan Susanto, the Country General Manager of Amazon Web Services Indonesia, those 4 things are only a ...


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