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BEKRAF Held BEKUP Once More to Support Digital Businesses in Indonesia

Yogyakarta, 16 August 2019—The development of startup companies is affected by the growth Indonesia’s digital economy. Hence, BEKRAF for Pre-Startup (BEKUP) was held to strengthen the competencies of Indonesia’s startup founders and to integrate their businesses with the existing economic ...

PPSMB Society 2019: Welcome, Future Leaders!

Yogyakarta, 6 August 2019—The new student orientation programme of Fisipol UGM, PPSMB Society, is an event held annually to welcome the new students to Fisipol. This year’s event was held for two days, from Tuesday (6/8) until Wednesday (7/8).Similar to ...

GEO Fisipol’s Warm Welcome for International Students

Yogyakarta, 5 August 2019—Adapting to a totally new academic environment is something that all students have to face, including foreign students in UGM. Held simultaneously with the new student orientation programme, GEO Fisipol also held an orientation programme for foreign ...


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