Fisipol’s Corner

Two Fisipol UGM Students Shared Their IISMA Experience

Yogyakarta, August 6th 2022–Thirty Fisipol UGM students successfully became awardees in the Indonesian International Student Mobility Award (IISMA) held by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology (Kemendikbudristek). The awardees will go through one semester abroad in the university of their choice. Monash University, located in Australia, is the choice of the two awardees from Fisipol UGM, Arun Panrita Arifin and Gisela Lidya Arthauli.

Arun said that being a part of an exchange program has been her dream since middle school, especially when it is held in Australia. “I also love the courses offered there,” Arun said. According to her, the courses offered at the university need to be taken into consideration because those are the courses that we will study once we get into the program. read more

Film ‘Ketiban Ndaru’ by the Students of Communication Science, Wins a Competition

Yogyakarta, August 2nd 2022Students of Communication Studies of Universitas Gadjah Mada once again got an achievement in the field of film. Satria Setya and his team won 1st place in the Short Movie Competition organized by Meraki Event Organizer and Sineashub, from April 4th to May 26th, 2022.

Didi as a photographer and graphic designer admits that there is no special motivation for participating in this competition. “At that time, I was interested, because the prizes were attractive. At first, because I wanted to participate in the competition, we invited other friends to join in, and this Ketiban Ndaru film was made,” Didi said. read more

Kejora Team Successfully Gained Silver Medal in WYIE 2022 Malaysia Competition

Yogyakarta, July 30th  2022─Students of the Faculty of Social and Political Science (Fisipol) UGM successfully gained Silver Medal in the World Young Investors Exhibition (WYIE) 2022 competition in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The Kejora team consists of Fadhli Widya Ramadhan (Leader), Afifah Ananda Putri (Member 1), dan Salma Nur Rahmasari (Member 2). The team joined the competition online through Zoom Meeting because they can’t go to the offline event in Kuala Lumpur. 

Fadhil as the team leader tried to create innovation in the economic sphere. More specifically, he tried to create a prototype of a financial literacy app called “Kiddie Wallet”. The application invites kids in Indonesia to learn basic financial management in order to increase digital literacy. According to the team, the digital literacy issue is important to raise because it is a basic knowledge that children need to understand since their early years. This is more so because it’s a very much needed skill when they are adults. read more

A Student of Public Policy Management of UGM Won Championship in Agriculture Field

Yogyakarta, March 30th 2022─A student from the Faculty of Social and Political Sciences (Fisipol) UGM made achievements in the “Pupuk Indonesia Fertinnovation Challenge 2021” competition organized by PT Pupuk Indonesia in collaboration with State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) on August 20th to December 20th, 2021. Saffanatul Afifah, a 2018 student from the Department of Public Policy Management, won third place in the Innovation in Agricultural Value Chain competition category.

“As a social and humanities student who doesn’t know anything about agriculture and only has anxiety about issues that surround us, being able to win is a great achievement in my opinion with existing limitations, and I am grateful to be given the opportunity to continue to learn with all the insights I can get,” Saffana said. read more

Emma Millania Wins the UNY Table Tennis Competition

Yogyakarta, March 30th 2022─Emma Millania Kartini, a student of Gadjah Mada University Communication Studies, is back with a trophy from the “Invitation of Net Game Competition 2022”, a Jogja and Central Java university student level competition which was held by the State University of Yogyakarta. The UGM table tennis athlete and the former leader of UGM Table Tennis Club won first place in the competition that was held on March 26-27th.

“I am very grateful that I still have the opportunity to join this competition in the midst of my final year. This might be the last time that I contribute something to UGM and the Table Tennis club because I plan on graduating this year,” Emma, the batch 2018 student, said. read more

Fisipol UGM Collaborative Effort to Fact Check Hoaxes in the Fisipol UGM Academician Sector

Yogyakarta, March 30th 2022─In an effort to fight hoaxes and train academicians to fact check, the Department of Communication Studies (Dikom) in the Faculty of Social and Political Science (Fisipol) of Gadjah Mada University in collaboration with Indonesia Independent Journalist Association (AJI) and Google News Initiative (GNI) held two workshops in the end of 2020. Zainuddin Muda Z. Monggilo, a communication studies lecturer, was the speaker in both workshops.

On December 14th-18th 2020, Zainuddin (from here on called Zam) with Aghnia Adzkia, Senior Visual & Data Journalist BBC East Asia, gave a fact check training with Fisipol UGM academicians. In this workshop, Zam and Aghnia introduced the tools that we could use to check facts. Other than that, there are at least six materials that were delivered. First, understanding misinformation and disinformation in Indonesia. Second, surveying social media, blogs, and websites. Third, analyzing content sources and social media accounts. Fourth, verifying photos, videos, locations, and time. Fifth, understanding the ethics of fact-checking. Finally, understanding digital security and safety. Aghnia said that journalists now are more strict with verifying information and presenting facts. read more

Ismada, the Sociology Student Who Got the First Place as Fisipol’s Most Outstanding Student

Yogyakarta, February 28th 2022─Gadjah Mada University’s Director of Students set a list of winners of the most outstanding students awards (Pilmapres) in UGM’s faculty level on 2022 this Friday (18/2). After going through an online selection process which was held from 12-13th February 2022, the winner of the award was declared fit to join the next stage which is the Pilmapres at the university level.

Ismada Firdaus Mandala Putra, a batch 2019 student from the Sociology Department, came first place in the faculty of social and political science. Ismada said that he had won fourth place in the 2020 Pilmapres but was interested to try again in this year’s Pilmapres. According to him, as a third-year student, Pilmapres 2022 is the last opportunity that he can take and it is very rare that the most outstanding student comes from the Sociology department. read more

Two Communication Studies Students Won A Business Innovation Competition

Two students from the Department of Communication Studies Gadjah Mada University won first and second place in the “Gen-Z Innovator Search Program” competition last December. This competition is a business innovation idea event held by Isobar (one of Dentsu Indonesia’s group) with Ajinomoto Indonesia. The first place was won by the GeneratiOne team with Reinaldo Albert Koerniadi, Luthfiana Nur Rofifah, Felicia Vaniadiva, and Dimas Satriawan Lambang W as the members. Meanwhile, the second place was held by the THR3 team with  Farah Fattatin Fauziah, Ratna Kusuma Dewi, Aisya Irdo Anwar, and Reksan Ridho Julviaji as the members. All of the students from both teams are from the Department of Communication Studies Gadjah Mada University batch 2019. read more

UGM Students’ Achievements in Technology, Film, and Essay Competition

A couple of UGM Faculty of Social and Political Science students won a variety of competitions. Starting from Agam Syah Fadhila who won the Grand Champion in the Indonesia Flying Robot Contest (KRTI) 2021 with the UGM Gamaforce team. Even though he is a social studies student, Agam’s achievement shows that there are no limits when it comes to learning new things. Therefore, with the knowledge that he already has, Agam can still contribute to the team and eventually win a prize.“Even though I’m from social studies, there is some useful knowledge that I gained from my studies such as how to create a plan and how to have a good interpersonal communication,” Agam said, a communication studies batch 2019 student.

A similar achievement from the same department was made by Satria Setya Wibawa. Equipped with communication studies knowledge, he won three championships in the film category. He won first place in the Spectrum Fisip UNS 2021 Short Movie Championship, first place in FETEPERS FKIP ULM 2021 short education movie championship as well as third place and voters-favorite winner in the Agriploxion 2021 short video championship. Satria also created a film community with members from many different universities. This community is aimed to be a place of discussion, collaboration, and a group to enter and win championships. read more

FISIPOL Students’ Research on Social Media Features in Building the User Image

Yogyakarta, September 30th 2021─The increasingly diverse social media platforms have had an effect on changing user attitudes, especially Generation Z. One of the reasons is that there are differences in the features of each social media platform so that users actively try to present their best image. This prompted a number of FISIPOL UGM students through the Student Creativity Program (PKM) to conduct research on the reality behind the diversity of social media features.

The PKM team in the field of Social Humanities Research, consisting of Maftukhatun Deritanti, Dyah Niken Rahmawati, Syifa Mahmudah, and Vina Idamatus Silmi raised the research title “The Multiple Faces of Social Media Users: The Use of Social Media in Building Image Among Generation Z”. With the guidance of a Communication Science lecturer, Lisa Lindawati, S.IP., M.A, they made observations on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter social media accounts. “Through this research, it is expected to be able to describe how someone uses social media accounts along with the level of suitability of the circumstances shown by the user, identify a person’s motives in using social media, and provide a new perspective on active users in utilizing various social media platforms, as well as reduce user’s anxiety in using social media,” Maftukhatutun as the Head of the Research Team said. read more